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Energie Fitness

Premium Quality Seated Chest Press-BK-001

Premium Quality Seated Chest Press-BK-001

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(L) - 1530
(W) - 1500
(H) - 1640

Weight - 244kg
Weight Stack - 100kg

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Premium Quality Seated Chest Press

Discover the ultimate in fitness with our Premium Quality Seated Chest Press! Elevate your workout routine with top-quality equipment at the Best Prices in India.

PU foam with Synthetic with aluminum Slide-way Support

Discover Premium Quality Seated Chest Press at unbeatable prices! Elevate your fitness journey with best equipment offering the best prices in India.

Adjustable Seat available

Experience the pinnacle of chest workouts with our Premium Quality Seated Chest Press! Designed with an adjustable seat for comfort, achieve your fitness goals effortlessly. Get the best prices in India on this must-have equipment.

BK-001 Seated Chest Press machine, elevating your workouts to new heights! Get the best prices in India on this top-tier fitness equipment. Achieve your fitness goals with precision and comfort. Experience excellence without compromise.

  • Energie Fitness BK-001 Seated Chest Press

    • Adjustable seat and backrest for personalized comfort
    • Dual-function design for chest press and fly exercises
    • High-quality, durable construction
    • Smooth and quiet operation
    • Digital display for tracking reps and sets
  • Other Brand

    • Fixed seat and backrest
    • Single-function chest press
    • Similar durability
    • Varies in noise levels
    • Limited or no digital display

Conquer Your Chest, Seated Style

Master your chest workouts with the Heavy Duty Seated Chest Press. Conquer your chest in style with this powerful and comfortable sitting press machine.

Best comfortable seat

Seated Chest Press featuring the Best comfortable seat for an effective and enjoyable workout.

Reduced Lower Back Strain

Our Seated Chest Press will relieve lower back discomfort. With ergonomic design and support, you may exercise your upper body in a comfortable and effective way.

Latest Design and comfortable

Experience the most advanced sitting chest press design for maximum comfort.