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Energie Fitness

Best Squat Rack / Lat Pull / Pec Dec / Smith-JXS-20/20A/20B/20C in (Black Color)

Best Squat Rack / Lat Pull / Pec Dec / Smith-JXS-20/20A/20B/20C in (Black Color)

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JXS-20 - NW/GW-88Kg/98Kg
Dimension - 1175*1815*2090mm
JXS-20A - NW/GW-34Kg/44Kg
Dimension - 1800*400*210mm
JXS-20B - NW/GW-24Kg/33Kg
Dimension - 935*356*1538mm
JXS-20C - NW/GW-34Kg/44Kg
Dimension - 1946*300*1727mm

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Best Squat Rack

Discover the pinnacle of fitness equipment with our Best Squat Rack

Highly safe and reliable experience

Discover the pinnacle of safety and reliability with our best Squat Rack / Lat Pull / Pec Dec / Smith. The best in India, our commercial equipment ensures a secure workout experience.

Ergonomically designed seat and cushion

Experience superior fitness with our imported Squat Rack/Lat Pull/Pec Dec/Smith, boasting ergonomic design and cushioned seats.

JXS-20/20A/20B/20C best Squat Rack, featuring an ergonomically designed seat and cushion. Elevate your workout with the best Imported Gym Squat Rack/Lat Pull/Pec Dec/Smith in India. Ideal for home / commercial use, this premium equipment redefines your fitness routine.

  • Energie Fitness JXS-20/20A/20B/20C Squat Rack / Lat Pull / Pec Dec / Smith

    • Squat Rack - Offers adjustable height settings for versatile workouts, durable construction for heavy lifting.
    • Lat Pull - Smooth pulley system, ergonomic design for comfortable pulling exercises, multiple grip options.
    • Pec Dec - Targets chest muscles effectively with adjustable resistance, padded support for comfort during exercises.
    • Smith Machine - Provides a guided motion for safer lifting, integrated safety features, smooth bar movement.
    • Quality Material - Energie Fitness equipment uses high-quality steel and durable components.

  • Other Brand

    • May have limited height adjustments and might not be as sturdy for intense workouts.
    • Pulley system may not be as smooth, limited grip variations, less emphasis on ergonomic design.
    • Could lack adjustable resistance, less comfortable padding, or limited range of motion for targeting chest muscles.
    • Might lack safety features, less smooth bar movement, or fewer integrated functions for guided lifting.
    • Other brand's equipment might use lower-grade materials, leading to potential durability issues.

Squat strong, lift proud

Increase your strength training with our Squat Rack, Lat Pull, Pec Dec, and Smith Machine. Squat strong, lift proud, and achieve your fitness goals effortlessly.

High-density PU foam material

Explore our varied workout equipment, which includes a squat rack, lat pull, pec dec, and Smith machine, all made with high-density PU foam for maximum comfort and durability.

Highly safe and reliable experience

Improve your training safety with this versatile Squat Rack, which includes Lat Pull, Pec Dec, and Smith machine.

Ergonomically designed seat and cushion

Enjoy an ergonomic design with adjustable seats and comfy cushions for a satisfying workout.