Flooring Mats

Gym flooring mats are a kind of special flooring that is used in commercial gyms and fitness facilities. If you have a commercial gym you might see a couple of weights falling on the floor every day. Those heavy weights and barbells cannot only damage your expensive concrete flooring but also affect the joints of your clients with heavy impact. That's where Energie Fitness Flooring tiles and mats come to the rescue.

We supply import quality gym flooring that helps to protect your gym floors during strength training. It comes with excellent shop absorption technology that reduces the impact of falling heavyweights and saves the floor from damage. The natural rubber flooring and faux grass mats also revamp the vibe of the gym and make it look presentable to the clientele. 

Many gym equipment suppliers in Mumbai stock up average products but at Energie Fitness we provide quality. The gym flooring listed on our website is made with the finest quality material. The quality material provides durability and makes it last longer in comparison to all our competitive brands.

Alongside shock absorption, the polymer material also helps in noise and vibration reduction. Thus, it is friendly to the environment and people around. We have size options in 10mm/ 15mm / 20mm / 25mm which helps to cover up large areas. The flooring is fit for all exercises like cardio, focus training, and slam ball workout. The grip texture makes it a no-slip surface.

The flooring can also be easily cleaned with minimum effort. If you want to cover up your commercial gym space with premium quality flooring you trust us. We also provide support in setting up gyms in various cities across India. To know more about prices and deals you can contact us at info@energiefitness.in