1. What is Energie Fitness?
We are a fitness equipment brand that has more than 1500+ gym setups in India and our flagship Gym chain in which you can also enrol.

2. Do you also supply gym equipment in retail?
Yes, we do sell in retail too. We have a variety of home use and commercial gym equipment that you can look at.

3. What happens after I purchase something from you?
It will be delivered to your doorstep in or around the given time. With that, a technician will be provided to assist in setting up the machines and explain the features.

4. Are services still available after the warranty period finishes?
Yes. We are with you always. After the warranty period expires, you can still avail of our services but at a very reasonable and affordable cost.

5. What kind of equipment do you have?
Whichever you can think of. From strength to cardio, accessories to home use, budget to luxury. We have a very wide range to choose from as per one’s budget and uses.

6. Do you do Pan India delivery?
Yes, we do Pan India delivery.

7. How much do I have to purchase to get it delivered?
No, there is no such type term. You can order any product according to your requirements.

8. Are delivery charges applicable?
Yes, they are applicable. For home use it is predetermined and for large FTL orders, our Logistics team will update on this.

9. Do you have equipment for home use too?
Yes, we do have commercial, semi-commercial and home use equipment. With that, you can get some matching accessories like weights, bands and mats.

1O. Are semi-commercial machines ok for my gym?
Yes, they are called semi-commercial for a reason It depends on the size of Gym, number of users, frequency of use and user weight to decide on this.

11. Is the Home gym better?
It depends on how you see it and absorb the concept of a home gym. It's not too bad, having some types of equipment at home is good as well. You don't have to weigh for your turn with the weights, it's nearby and you are fearless of missing out on gym on holidays. Whereas you can do complex exercise at a regular gym with a heavyweight.

12. Why is gym equipment important?
Gym equipment is important if you are looking to gain some muscle or lose some inches. Moreover, it can diverse our way of exercising and be more stimulated. It strengthens your joints and gives a more controlled body movement.

13. Free Weights vs Machines?
Free weights help develop greater power, as compared to machines. Working out with free weights is a more efficient way to hit most fitness goals, including increasing strength and muscle size, changing body composition, and weight loss.

14. What services do you provide?
Other than having the best gym equipment ever we also give a one-year whole coverage warranty on our products, with free installation and technical support. (T&C Applied)

15. Where do you supply your equipment?
Not just at private gyms but also at public-private gyms, fitness centres, hotels, clubs, homes and also sports clubs.

16. Can you suggest some equipment to me?
Yes, our technical and sales team can suggest to you a product that will fulfil your requirements and remain pocket friendly.

17. Do commercial machines need servicing a lot or are they abuse friendly?
Commercial machines are extremely durable and long-lasting. But with prolonged usage and abuse, sometimes nuts and wires get loose. Which need to be looked at. Tightened and tensioned again.

18. Do you also sell Home Use Equipment?
Yes, with Commercial machines we also have a range of Imported Home Use Machines at pocket-friendly cost and smaller sizes to be affordable and easily kept in homes.

19. What is the difference between Commercial and Non-Commercial Equipment?
The main difference it stood at is being bigger and heavier to get more heavy work done. Since commercial use machines don't get moved so often, they sometimes get bolted to the floor. However, non-commercial machines are compact, lighter, cost less and also tend to move often.

20. How can I choose what machine will be good for me?
When you visit Energie Fitness, our executive will plan out what you need and where you want to keep it. After a final draft, they will show you some hand-picked options which you then have to select from.

21. What is the Payment Procedure?
Payment is in full advance with 18% GST included. You can do it in Cash, Net Banking, UPI.

22. What will happen if I receive damaged goods or if something is missing?
You can Inform us at service@energiefitness.in or call/WhatsApp our service centre @ 9266629023 & service terms will get responded to on the top priority.

23. Do you have Franchise/ Dealership options?
Yes, we have Options for Franchise/ Dealership. Which has perks of its own.

24. Is International Delivery available?
Yes, you have to check with our sales team at sales@energiefitness.in or WhatsApp/Call @ 9266629038

25. Can I get an exchange/ refund?
Yes, an exchange is possible if due to some valid reason the product is not usable, the buyer can opt for an exchange which will be processed under some terms and conditions but a refund is currently not available.

26. How will I know my estimated time of delivery?
While placing the order the Site will inform you about the Estimate time of delivery.

27. Can I buy spare Parts from you?
Yes, we also have spare parts.