Free Weight Equipments

Free weight equipments is a popular way to strength train among beginners and fitness enthusiasts. Strength training needs to be done right to get the best results, and using the right kind of free weight is the way to go about it. Energie Fitness understands the importance of getting a workout right and brings you premium fitness. 

You can get fit with strength training in no time but you need to get the right equipment. That's why our experts recommend beginners to choose from options like dumbbells and weight plates. The Energie Fitness free weight equipments series also has several workout machines. For instance, we have commercial water rowing machines, forearm machines, and tyre flip machines.

Along with the workout machines, there are different weight racks included in the collection. Each product in the collection is made from the best quality metal. The premium metal framework makes this equipment durable. Besides that, the anti-rust coating on the racks and equipment makes them last longer.

In addition to durability, we promise an industrial finish for all the products. The gym items included in our list are A grade and match up to the import standards. What's more? Well, The products come in an ergonomic design. And there is no compromise on the performance despite the use of experimental designs. Thats why we are leaders in supplying commercial gym setup in Mumbai.

Energie Fitness as a user-oriented brand ensures to deliver products with quality checks and certifications. Our team also takes a lot of effort to bring you the most premium yet affordable products. 

Whether you are looking for a full commercial gym setup in India or trying to find small home gym accessories, we have it all figured out. Explore our online store for the products of your choice. You can grab any fitness staple you are looking for at the best prices!!