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Energie Fitness

3 Tier Dumbbell Rack - EFT-030

3 Tier Dumbbell Rack - EFT-030

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(L) - 767
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Weight 85kg
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Commercial Grade

EFT-030 3 Tiers dumbbell rack for gym is a commercial grade product with resilience and multi-level design. It not only keeps the gym organized but also reduces the chances of injuries that happen due to rolling off dumbbells. 


The rack is designed to provide versatility in storage. It is compatible with all types of round and hexagonal weights. The flexible compatibility with free weights and user-friendly build make it perfect for improving a gym space.

More Storage

Our three tier dumbbell rack provides more storage than regular models. It can store up to 15 pairs or 30 individual weights of all sizes. The horizontal shelves with a staircase design make the storage rack more organized.

Holding Slots

Energie Fitness weight racks have a classy and ergonomic design with curvy slots. These holding slots perfectly accommodate the dumbbells without any damage. Besides this, the racks prevent the dumbbells from rolling off.

EFT-030 Commercial Dumbbell Rack (3 Tiers) available at the best price! Organize your space efficiently with this premium quality rack designed for convenience and durability.

  • Energie Fitness EFT-030 3 Tiers Dumbbell Rack

    • Has a three-tier design for a lesser footprint
    • Designed to maximize storage efficiency
    • Powder-coating for rust-resistant finish
    • Curvy holding slots to prevent rolling off
    • Distancing between slots for easy accessibility.
  • Other Brand Dumbbell Rack

    • Requires more space and has less storage
    • Does not have storage problems
    • Prone to rusting due to basic paints
    • Lacks slots and has a slippery design
    • Close placing that complicates accessibility

Robust Construction

Our best dumbbell rack for home and gym is made of the highest quality raw material which provides durability and robustness. It can hold heavy weights without breaking or falling apart.

Stable Racks

The rack provides extra stability for holding heavy dumbbells and other accessories. The rubber foot caps added to its bottom prevent it from shifting or damaging the floor.

No-Slip Design

This heavy-duty dumbbell rack has a no-slip design. It has curvy groove slots that hold the dumbbells in place and prevent them from falling.

Proper Spacing

We have provided proper spacing for storing the weights and dumbbells. The ample space provided on the rack prevents the dumbbells from wear and tear due to collision.