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Energie Fitness

Imported Incline Chest Press Machine-PRO-002

Imported Incline Chest Press Machine-PRO-002

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(L) - 1540
(W) - 1030
(H) - 1685

Weight 134kg
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Imported Incline Chest Press Machine

Discover top-tier Commercial Incline Chest Press machines in India, perfect for a robust workout regimen. Elevate your strength training with precision-engineered equipment.

3mm Thigh Oval Shaped Frame Capable of handling ~350 kgs

Discover the pinnacle of strength training with our Commercial Incline Chest Press in India. Engineered with a robust 3mm thigh oval-shaped frame, it effortlessly handles ~350 kgs. Elevate your workouts with this precision-crafted machine.

Smooth Problematic Free Movement For Easy & Frictionless Motion

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our Commercial Incline Chest Press in India. Experience seamless, frictionless motion for effortless workouts. Our Incline Chest Press machine ensures smooth, problem-free movements, elevating your exercise routine.

Experience peak strength training with our PRO-002 Incline Chest Press machine, the pinnacle of commercial fitness equipment in India. Elevate your workout with precision and power.

  • Energie Fitness PRO-002 Incline Chest Press

    • Uses specialized rust-resistant coating for durability.
    • Engineered for stability and no wobbling during use.
    • Offers frictionless motion for ease during workouts.
    • Compact design without compromising on frame rigidity.
    • Designed for straightforward installation.
  • Other Brand

    • May or may not have a similar rust protective coating.
    • Might have stability but potential wobbling issues.
    • Movement might not be as smooth or problematic-free.
    • May not maintain frame rigidity in smaller spaces.
    • Installation might be more complex or time-consuming.