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Energie Fitness

Luxury Commercial Curve Treadmill-ECT-400B

Luxury Commercial Curve Treadmill-ECT-400B

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Display - Digital Screen
Running Range - 1600*480mm
Noise Degree - Below 80dB (A)
Net Weight - 160kg
Max User Weight - 200kg
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Buy Curve Treadmill at Best Prices in India

Get your fitness on track with the ECT-400B Luxury Commercial Curve Treadmill, available at unbeatable prices in India. Experience excellence and performance with the best treadmill in India, tailored for your fitness journey.

Zero Maintenance

Experience hassle-free fitness with our zero-maintenance Luxury Commercial Curve Treadmill, offering the best prices in India. Discover the ultimate blend of quality and affordability in the best treadmills for your workout.

No Electricity

Luxury Commercial Curve Treadmill, offering top-notch performance without electricity. Explore our collection for the best prices in the market, ensuring your fitness journey is both affordable and exceptional.

Experience the pinnacle of fitness with the ECT-400B Curve Treadmill, hailed as the best treadmill in India. Achieve unparalleled results and endurance while enjoying the best prices in India. Elevate your workouts with this innovative treadmill, designed to redefine fitness standards and cater to your health goals effortlessly

  • Energie Fitness ECT-400B Curve Treadmill

    • Unique curve design reduces impact on joints
    • Self-powered, no electricity required
    • More closely mimics natural running motion
    • Provides better engagement of core muscles
    • Offers adjustable resistance for varied workouts
  • Other Brand

    • Traditional flat belt design may cause more impact on joints
    • Many treadmills need an electrical power source
    • Traditional treadmills have a fixed belt, not mirroring natural movement
    • Some treadmills may not engage core muscles as effectively
    • Most treadmills have fixed speed settings

The Ultimate Commercial Curve Treadmill

The Ultimate Commercial Curve Treadmill, designed for optimal performance. This state-of-the-art machine, also known as the Commercial Curve Treadmill, offers the best in luxury and functionality.

Digital Screen Display

The Ultimate Commercial Curve Treadmill with a digital screen display. This state-of-the-art machine, also known as the Commercial Curve Treadmill, offers the best in luxury and performance. Upgrade your fitness routine with this best Treadmill.

Best Running Surface

The Best curved treadmill with exceptional features, including the best running surface. This Best curve treadmill, known as the Best Curve Treadmill, is designed to meet your fitness needs

Zero Maintenance

This best Treadmill requires zero maintenance, making it the best choice for your fitness facility. Experience the benefits of this exceptional curve treadmill today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Akashay Yadav
Review of ECT-400B

Great Treadmill, really love walking and running on this. My experience with this machine is pretty good.

Anjali Rawat
India's best brand

I've been using the Energie Fitness ECT 400B Treadmill for a few months now, and I'm impressed with its performance. The compact size is perfect for my apartment, and the lightweight design makes it easy to move around. It's a great treadmill for anyone looking for a simple yet effective workout solution.


Good product. Using it daily 30min to 60 min since last 6 months. very flexible to move and store gadgets etc.


Compact, reliable treadmill for home use. Smooth operation, adjustable speed, and incline options make it an ideal choice for versatile workouts.

Md imtiyazuddin
Fabulous treadmill

This treadmill is perfect for my small apartment. It's compact, easy to assemble, and surprisingly sturdy. The motor runs smoothly. Great value for the price!