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Energie Fitness

Best Commercial Curve Treadmill in India - Energie Fitness

Best Commercial Curve Treadmill in India - Energie Fitness

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Display - Digital Screen
Dimensions - 1600*420mm
Noise Degree Below - 80dB (A)
Net Weight - 160 kg
Max User Weight - 200 kg

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Easy to Move

This commercial curve treadmill luxury model is perfect for individuals who want to maintain their fitness routine but dislike going to a gym. It has a unique design with transportation wheels for easy movement to your favorite workout spot at your home.

Highly Efficient

Discover the pinnacle of fitness innovation with our highly efficient Curve Treadmill, renowned as the best treadmill in India.

Real-Time Insights

Despite being a non-motorized model, it provides insights with a digital screen integration. The compact screen attached to the equipment helps to monitor speed, time, distance, calories, and heart rate in real time. That's why it is suitable for self-guided training.

Smooth Glide Mechanism

This treadmill helps to replicate an effortless running motion with its smooth glide mechanism. Its high-quality running belt provides the correct posture and momentum to train the body. In other words, the manual gear system and the curve design help to move the belt in a rhythmic motion.

Save Energy

Our best curve treadmill helps to save electricity as it works on human power instead of a mechanical motor. As it does not work on electricity, therefore it is eco-friendly and reduces carbon footprint. Overall, it helps to push your limit with a working model that functions at your pace.

Experience the epitome of fitness innovation with our ECT-200B Curve Treadmill! Engineered for peak performance, it stands as the best treadmill in India, combining cutting-edge technology and superior design. Get yours today at the best prices in India, unlocking unparalleled fitness at unbeatable value!

  • Energie Fitness ECT-200B Commercial Curve Treadmill (Luxury Model)

    • It has a curved design for a natural running stride
    • Self-powered operation without electricity
    • Self-powered operation without electricity
    • The surface grip reduces the chance of falling
      Sustainable, eco-friendly, and reduces carbon footprint
    • Requires lesser maintenance or servicing
  • Other Brand Treadmills

    • Have a flat design that may not be suitable for beginners
    • Uses high-power stabilizers and electricity
    • Poor grip leads to injuries and average results
    • Are generally non-sustainable and increase the carbon footprint
    • Require regular maintenance that incurs extra cost


ECT-200B Commercial Curve is a premium, non-motorized curved treadmill model that uses a self-power mechanism. It helps you work out at your place and recreates the experience of on-track running.

Low Maintenance

Unlike the motor mechanism curved treadmills, this treadmill is low maintenance. It reduces the hassle of timely charging or lubricating the motor for smooth performance as it operates on manual energy.

Multi-Grip Handles

This curved treadmill for home offers many hand positioning options with its multi-grip handle design. It enhances the workout experience for users as well as makes the equipment fit for different fitness levels. 

Adjustable Resistance

It comes with the 8-level resistance adjusting knob. You can use your original speed capacity to set the pace of your workout. The resistance adaptability makes this treadmill suitable for multiple users.