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Energie Fitness

Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine-ES-016

Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine-ES-016

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(L) - 1100
(W) - 1160
(H) - 1520

Weight 243kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine

Discover top-notch commercial Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machines in India! Elevate your fitness routine with specialized equipment designed for optimal biceps and triceps workouts.

Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine

Discover the ultimate commercial Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine in India, engineered for maximum results. Featuring minimum resistant movement for longevity, this machine targets your arms effectively.

100 Kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack

Discover the pinnacle of strength training with our commercial Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine in India, featuring a robust 100 Kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack.

ES-016: The ultimate commercial Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine available in India. Elevate your fitness game with this specialized equipment, perfect for targeting your biceps and triceps. Experience premium quality and efficiency in every workout session.

  • Energie Fitness ES-016 Biceps/Triceps

    • Leather Covered Cushioning for Extra Support & Comfort during heavy workouts
    • 100KG Pin Loaded Weight Stack
    • Minimal Resistance Movement for Longevity
    • Ergonomic Design for Optimal Muscle Engagement
    • Enhanced Stability and Balance Features
  • Other Brand

    • Standard cushioning, not specified if leather-covered
    • 80KG Pin Loaded Weight Stack
    • Moderate resistance, longevity not explicitly addressed
    • Basic design without specific ergonomic focus
    • Average stability, might wobble during intense workouts