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Best Biceps / Triceps Exercise Machine -EFT-0607

Best Biceps / Triceps Exercise Machine -EFT-0607

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(L) - 1237
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Weight 216kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Top Biceps / Triceps Exercise Machine in India

Discover the pinnacle of arm strength with India's top commercial Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine! Elevate your fitness game with cutting-edge equipment designed for supreme muscle development.

100kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack

Discover India's premier commercial Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine featuring a 100kg pin-loaded weight stack. Our top-of-the-line equipment ensures unparalleled workouts, targeting biceps and triceps effectively.

Internally Lubricated 6MM Cables with Nylon Pully

Discover India's top Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine featuring internally lubricated 6MM cables and Nylon Pulley for commercial use. Elevate your fitness regimen with precision engineering and durability.

EFT-0607, India's top commercial Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine. Featuring internally lubricated 6MM cables and nylon pulleys, this premium machine ensures smooth workouts.

  • Energie Fitness EFT-0607 Biceps / Triceps

    • Leather Covered Cushioning for Extra Support & Comfort during Heavy Workouts
    • 100KG Pin Loaded Weight Stack
    • Minimum Resistant Movement Provides Longevity
    • High-Quality Materials for Durability
    • Smooth and Silent Operation
  • Other Brand

    • Regular cushioning without leather covering
    • Lesser weight stack capacity
    • Potentially more wear and tear due to higher resistance
    • Standard materials that might wear out sooner
    • Potential noise or roughness during use

Flex with Strength, Biceps & Triceps Unleashed

Unleash your strength with the best Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine. Flex your muscles and experience the power! Strengthen with precision.

Leather Covered Cushioning for Extra Support

For maximum comfort and performance, use the leather-covered padding with the best biceps/triceps workout machine.

Comfortable and Long Term Use

A cable machine with adjustable resistance and ergonomic handles is most likely the Best biceps/triceps exercise machine for long-term use.

An amazing quality biceps/triceps exercise machine

Experience the best Multi Press machine, designed to sculpt biceps and triceps to perfection with unsurpassed quality and efficacy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good quality

best multi-press machine. I love it.

Nice product

Energie Fitness Triceps Exercise Machine is superb! Provides effective triceps workout with smooth motion. A must-have for any gym.

Must buy!

I've been using this for the past fifteen days. Everything is working as expected . We can do the installation ourselves because it's not too difficult. For installation, they have included a screwdriver and spanner. If anyone wants to purchase a gym cycle, can go for this one.

Best quality

Although product is average in quantity, but it is a complete gym equipment. All good to go for gym.


Top quality equipment, I am happy with this product.