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Energie Fitness

Best Lat Pull down/ Vertical Row Machine-EFT-1204

Best Lat Pull down/ Vertical Row Machine-EFT-1204

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(L) - 1896
(W) - 1219
(H) - 2245

Weight 210kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Best Lat Pull down/ Vertical Row Machine

Discover the pinnacle of strength training with our commercial Lat Pulldown/Vertical Row Machine! Engineered for excellence, this premium equipment ensures top-notch performance.

100kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack

Discover the pinnacle of fitness equipment with our Commercial Lat Pull Down/Vertical Row Machine, designed for superior performance and durability. Elevate your workout with the best-in-class Lat Pull Down/Vertical Row Machine at unbeatable prices in India.

3 layered Powder Coated Rust Free Desgign

Discover peak performance with our premium 3-layered powder-coated, rust-free Commercial Lat Pulldown/Vertical Row Machine. Engineered for excellence, it offers unrivaled durability and efficiency.

Experience top-tier fitness with our EFT-1204 Commercial Lat Pull Down/Vertical Row Machine! Engineered for excellence, this machine redefines workouts. Get the best price in India for unparalleled quality and performance.

  • Energie Fitness EFT-1204 Lat Pull down/ Vertical Row

    • Extra support & comfort
    • Higher weight capacity
    • Robust design
    • Smooth operation
    • Competitive pricing
  • Other Brand

    • May lack adequate cushioning
    • Lower weight capacity
    • Potential for quicker wear due to resistance
    • May have durability concerns
    • Potentially higher cost for similar features

Pulling Power, Elevate Your Strength

Strengthen your back and arms with the commercial Lat Pull Down/Vertical Row, which promotes muscle growth and upper body strength.

Leather Covered Cushioning for Extra Support

Increase your workout with leather-covered cushioning for more support during Best Lat Pull Down and Vertical Row activities."Experience comfort and stability.

Comfortable and Long Term use

Emphasize perfect form and gradually increase resistance on Lat Pull Down/Vertical Row workouts for long-term comfort and effectiveness.

3 Layered Powder Coated & Durable Quality

Best Lat Pull Down/Vertical Row: The 3-layered powder-coated construction provides durability and quality for long-term performance in your training program.