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Energie Fitness

Premium Lat Pull Down and Low Row Machine-ETS-1204

Premium Lat Pull Down and Low Row Machine-ETS-1204

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(L) - 1760
(W) - 1495
(H) - 2128

Weight 230kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Premium Lat Pulldown/ Low Row Machine

Experience the ultimate of strength training with our Premium Commercial Lat Pulldown/Low Row Machine. Improve your fitness regimen with the best Lat Pulldown/Low Row Machine in India. This machine is unrivaled in performance and is precisely engineered to give outstanding results for fans looking for the best training experience possible.

3 layered Powder Coated Rust Free Design

Discover peak performance with our premium 3-layered powder-coated, rust-free commercial Lat Pulldown/Low Row Machine. Engineered for excellence, it offers unrivaled durability and efficiency.

100kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack

Experience the pinnacle of fitness with our Premium Lat Pulldown/Low Row Machine. This premium equipment boasts a 100kg pin-loaded weight stack, ensuring a versatile workout.

ETS-1204 is a Premium Lat Pull Down and Low Row Machine. Improve your workout with this high-quality equipment, acclaimed as the greatest Lat Pulldown/Low Row Machine in India. Experience improved performance and durability in a single machine.

  • Energie Fitness ETS-1204 Lat Pull Down and Low Row

    • We ensure that their machines are robust, durable, and can withstand rigorous use over time.
    • 3-Layered Powder Coating: Provides enhanced protection against rusting, ensuring durability.
    • We place a strong emphasis on user experience, making their machines easy to setup and use
    • We prioritize ergonomic design and ensure that our machines provide a comfortable during exercise.
  • Other Brand

    • Some other brands may compromise on the materials used in their machines
    • Certain competing products may have design flaws that impact the effectiveness
    • In some cases, competing machines may not prioritize ergonomic design, potentially causing discomfort
    • Other brands might offer machines with fewer features or limited adjustability

Pull, row, transform - Lat Low Combo

Our Best Lat Pull Down & Low Row Machine can help you reach your full training potential. With our Lat Low Combo, you may get a comprehensive training regimen that includes pull, row, and transformation.

Build-in metal frame

Elevate your strength training with our Lat Pull Down & Low Row Machine, featuring a sturdy built-in metal frame for optimal durability and performance.

High Quality Seat Adjustment

Experience excellent workouts with our best Lat Pull Down & Low Row Machine, offering high-quality seat adjustability for best comfort and performance.

Well Price & Luxurious Design

Increase your workout with our Lat Pull Down & Low Row Machine, featuring blends affordability and luxury design.