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Energie Fitness

Weight Bench (Luxury) Gym Bench-J-023

Weight Bench (Luxury) Gym Bench-J-023

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(L) - 1720
(W) - 1670
(H) - 1200

Weight 68kg

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Energie weight bench luxury commercial equipment provides extra stability. It comes with inbuilt rubber fittings or foot caps to provide a stable base for the bench. That is why it is perfect for all kinds of weight training and intensive exercises.

Step-Through Design

It has a step-through design that supports the body and back. It has been designed by experts to provide proper comfort to users during a workout. From its heavy-duty frame to the pro cushion seats, all its features aim to enhance fitness.

Custom Adjustments

J-023 Is the most functional workout bench for home and gym due to its custom adjustments. The users can set the inclination angle for the bench according to their exercise type. The equipment is perfect for achieving the right posture during weight training.

Easy Maintenance

Our exercise bench models do not require a lot of maintenance because they do not have any complex mechanisms. Apart from its simple working, the equipment comes with rust-free coating and other features that enhance its dependability and durability.

J-023 Luxury Weight Bench, designed for ultimate performance in commercial and home gyms. This best-selling luxury bench in India offers unparalleled quality, comfort, and durability. Elevate your fitness routine with this premium weight bench crafted for exceptional results and comfort.

  • Energie Fitness Bench J-023 Weight Bench (Luxury)

    • Heavy-duty framework for commercial use
    • Inclination adjustments for comprehensive exercises
    • Proper foam seats to support extreme training
    • Powder coating to reduce rusting and damage
    • Easy maintenance and space optimization comfort
  • Other Brand Weight Bench

    • Fragile frameworks on fit for commercial use
    • Rigid benches that support selective exercises
    • Lack of proper backrest for support
    • Susceptible to rusting, abrasions, and damage 
    • High-maintenance models that take a lot of space

Premium Bench

J-023 Weight Bench is a premium product that is made of the best raw materials. It elevates the overall training experience by providing the right workout environment and comfort.

Padded Seats

It has solid seats with pro-cushioning comfort for enhanced back support. In other words, it facilitates users to train intensely and for long hours without experiencing discomfort.

Adjustable Seats

Our weightlifting bench comes with adjustability options to add versatility to training. Users can choose the perfect inclination adjustments to amplify as per their fitness routine.


We use a unique electrostatic powder coating technique to make our equipment rust-proof. This corrosion-free coating improves the overall look of the bench and makes it last for a longer duration.