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Energie Fitness

Premium Vertical Bench in india- ER-22

Premium Vertical Bench in india- ER-22

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(L) - 1120
(W) - 1320
(H) - 1870

Weight 74kg
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Best Vertical Gym Bench

Discover the pinnacle of luxury and performance with our Best Vertical Gym Bench. Crafted for commercial use, this exquisite bench redefines fitness excellence in India.

Perfect Blend of Aesthetics Comfort & Functionality

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our Commercial Vertical Bench, redefining workouts in India. Offering the perfect fusion of aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, it stands as the ultimate choice.

3mm Thick Oval Tubes with Greater Surface area for better support

Discover the pinnacle of strength and support with our Best Quality Vertical Bench in India. Engineered with 3mm thick oval tubes, offering superior surface area for unparalleled stability.

ER-22 Commercial Vertical Bench- where aesthetics meet comfort and functionality flawlessly. Engineered for excellence, it stands as the best Vertical Bench in India.

  • Energie Fitness ER-22 Vertical Bench

    • Chemically Treated Hardened Material for Durability
    • Perfect Blend of Aesthetics, Comfort & Functionality
    • Robust Construction Ensuring Longevity
    • Ergonomically Designed for Comfort During Use
    • Competitive Pricing Considering Features
  • Other Brand

    • Material Quality May Vary, Not Specifically Treated for Longevity
    • Aesthetics May Prioritize Over Comfort or Functionality.
    • Build Quality May Vary, Affecting Durability
    • Comfort Might Not Be Prioritized in Design
    • Price Might Vary Depending on Features, Possibly Higher