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Premium Pectoral Machine Price in India - LD-804

Premium Pectoral Machine Price in India - LD-804

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(L) - 1694
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(H) - 1653

Weight 275kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Premium Pectoral Machine Price in India

Explore premium pectoral machines in India at competitive prices! Elevate your workout with commercial-grade options designed for optimum performance. Discover the best pectoral machine choices, alongside top-notch leg extension machines, all available to enhance your fitness journey.

3 Layered Powder Coating Rust Free Design

Experience unparalleled strength training with our premium Pectoral Machine - crafted with a 3-layered powder coating for rust-free durability. Elevate your workout regime with the best-in-class Leg Extension Machine in India.

Leather Stitched Cushioning For Extra Support

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our premium Pectoral Machine! Crafted with leather-stitched cushioning for unparalleled support, this commercial-grade marvel redefines excellence. Best-in-class quality meets affordability.

LD-804 Premium Pectoral Machine, engineered for peak performance with leather-stitched cushioning for added support. Elevate your workouts with the best in India's commercial-grade Pectoral Machine range. Also, explore our top-notch Leg Extension machine.

  • Energie Fitness LD-804 Pectoral Machine

    • Cable covered by nylon for toughness and durability.
    • 3-layered powder-coated rust-free frame.
    • Adjustable seat for customized workouts.
    • High-strength steel tube precision welded for stability.
    • Ergonomic design for optimal performance.
  • Other Brand

    • Unclear cable material and quality.
    • No details on rust protection or coating.
    • Limited or no adjustability in the seat.
    • Material and welding quality unspecified.
    • Design features may not prioritize user comfort.

Amazing Pectoral Machine

The Amazing pectoral machine helps to improve chest muscles. It uses resistance to target pectoral muscles, hence improving upper body strength and development. It's a standard in gym workouts.

Leather Stitched cushioning for extra support

Improve your pectoral workouts with the Pectoral Machine, which has leather-stitched cushioning for extra support, offering comfort and stability throughout training sessions.

Heavy Duty Frame

The Amazing pectoral machine has a heavy-duty frame for durability and stability during strenuous exercises. Designed for safe and effective chest exercises.

Comfortable & Long Term use

To ensure pleasant and long-term use of a pectoral machine, utilize suitable cushioning, ergonomic design, adjustable settings, and adhere to stated usage instructions for safety and effectiveness.