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Energie Fitness

Premium Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine-LY-1314

Premium Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine-LY-1314

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(L) - 1180
(W) - 1200
(H) - 2150

Weight 225kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Premium Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine

Discover the pinnacle of fitness equipment with our Premium Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine, designed for excellence. Elevate your workout experience with our Commercial equipment, the best in India for unparalleled leg extensions and curls.

100kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack

Discover the pinnacle of leg training with our Premium Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine in India. Crafted for commercial use, this powerhouse features a 100kg pin-loaded weight stack, ensuring top-notch performance for leg extensions and curls.

Dual to Multi functionality Machine For more effective & Cost-Effective

Experience the pinnacle of fitness with our premium Commercial Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine. Engineered for excellence, its dual-to-multi functionality ensures cost-effective and efficient workouts.

LY-1314 Premium Leg Extension & Leg Curl Machine—India's ultimate commercial-grade equipment. Dual to multi-functionality ensures superior effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

  • Energie Fitness LY-1314 Leg Extension & Leg Curl

    • Ergonomic design for secure gripping
    • Resilient coating for anti-rust property
    • Customizable leather seat for support
    • Versatile, multiple exercise options
    • Balanced features for cost-efficient design
  • Other Brand

    • Basic handle design, potential slippage
    • Limited or single-layered coating
    • Fixed seat, less support provision
    • Limited exercises, less versatility
    • Potential trade-offs for lower cost