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Premium Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension-ER-0607

Premium Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension-ER-0607

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(L) - 1340
(W) - 1050
(H) - 1600

Weight 190kg
Weight Stack 100kg

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Premium Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension

Experience unrivaled arm workouts with our premium Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension machines. Crafted for excellence, our commercial-grade equipment ensures optimal strength training, empowering you to sculpt and define your muscles effectively.

100 Kg Pin Loaded weight stack

Unlock next-level strength with our premium 100kg pin-loaded Best Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension. Elevate your commercial fitness space with robust, high-performance equipment designed for maximum gains.

Leather Stitched Cushioning For Extra Support

Experience the pinnacle of strength training with our Premium Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension. Crafted for excellence, featuring luxurious leather-stitched cushioning, it offers unparalleled support.

Discover unparalleled strength training with our ER-0607 Premium Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension. Engineered with leather-stitched cushioning for optimal support, this commercial-grade equipment ensures a superior workout experience.

  • Energie Fitness ER-0607 Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension

    • Leather Stitched Cushioning for extra support
    • 100KG Pin Loaded Weight stack
    • Internally Lubricated cables
    • Friction-less movement
    • Durable build and materials
  • Other Brand

    • Standard cushioning, less emphasis on support
    • Lower weight stack capacity, perhaps around 70-80KG
    • External lubrication or maintenance required for cables
    • Quality might vary, potentially less durability
    • Basic design without specific ergonomic focus

Flex and Extend: Empower Your Arms

Strengthen your arms with biceps curls to flex and triceps extensions to extend, empowering your muscles for a balanced upper body workout.

Leather Stitched Cushioning for Extra Support

Leather-stitched cushioning offers better support during Best biceps curls/ triceps extensions, ensuring comfort and stability throughout your workout routine.

Triple-Coat Innovation: Rust-Free Brilliance

Triple-Coat Innovation: Rust-Free Brilliance maximizes results with Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension, enhancing strength and sculpting muscles for optimal performance and aesthetics.

High strength steel tube precision welded

High strength steel tube expertly welded for long-lasting construction, enhancing Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension workouts for stability and dependability, resulting in improved performance and safety.