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Energie Fitness

Luxury Shoulder Press Machine- BK-003

Luxury Shoulder Press Machine- BK-003

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(L) - 1380
(W) - 1500
(H) - 1580
Weight 222kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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BK-003 pin-loaded shoulder press for sale has a premium and precise cable pulley system. The cables included in this equipment are made with reinforced steel covered in nylon for extra durability. In addition to this, the strong steel frame supports continuous use.


The air-powered resistance system and slideway support give this equipment an edge over other products in the market. The chest press handles give a seamless motion for intense and isolated training. While the lubricated pulley cables reduce the friction

Maximized Comfort

You can transform your commercial and home gym with shoulder press that is crafted by experts. Apart from integrating cutting-edge technology and aesthetics into this shoulder press machine, the manufacturers have added ergonomic features like foam seats.

Discover the BK-003 Shoulder Press, your ultimate fitness companion. Achieve peak performance with this Luxury Shoulder Press at Best Price in India, now available at the best prices in India. Elevate your workout routine and experience unparalleled results with our exclusive offers. Get yours today and redefine your fitness journey!"

  • Energie Fitness BK-003 Shoulder Press

    • New age design and cutting edge precision
    • Strong reinforced steel cables for dependability
    • Seat made with leather and high density foam\
    • Slideway support for easy adjustments
    • Low maintenance and dependable model
  • Other Brand Shoulder Press

    • Obsolete decision that lacks precision
    • Poor quality cables that break easily
    • Discomforting and hard seats without backrest
    • May not have slideway adjustment support
    • High-maintenance and expensive model

Ergonomic Seat

BK-003 Shoulder Press features an ergonomic seating area with a backrest that supports the body during extensive training sessions. It enhances the overall exercise experience and reduces discomfort.

Slideway Support

This gym exercise machine has an aluminum slideway support to facilitate adjustments. It allows the machine to function seamlessly and enhances the workout outcome.

Variable Resistance

This shoulder press equipment has variable resistance and adjustment capacity to fit the needs of all users. It is ideal for all fitness levels ranging from advanced to beginner levels.

Pin- Loading

The easy pin-loading feature of This equipment enhances its functionality. It has an approximate pin loading capacity of 100 kg weight stacks.