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Energie Fitness

Luxury Shoulder Press Machine- BK-003

Luxury Shoulder Press Machine- BK-003

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(L) - 1380
(W) - 1500
(H) - 1580
Weight 222kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Luxury Shoulder Press at Best Price in India

Discover the ultimate shoulder press equipment at unbeatable prices in India. affordably and efficiently with the best prices on Luxury Shoulder Press at Best Price in India.

Adjustable Seat

Get the perfect Shoulder Press experience with adjustable seats at Best prices in India! Elevate your workout with our range of Luxury Shoulder Press at Best Price in India offering both comfort and affordability.

Leather cushion seat

Experience the ultimate Shoulder Press workout with our premium leather cushion seat, ensuring comfort and durability. Discover the best prices in India for Shoulder Press equipment that combines quality, affordability, and performance.

Discover the BK-003 Shoulder Press, your ultimate fitness companion. Achieve peak performance with this Luxury Shoulder Press at Best Price in India, now available at the best prices in India. Elevate your workout routine and experience unparalleled results with our exclusive offers. Get yours today and redefine your fitness journey!"

  • Energie Fitness BK-003 Shoulder Press

    • Robust build quality for durability
    • Adjustable seat and handles for comfort
    • Smooth and controlled motion
    • User-friendly interface
    • Versatile weight settings
  • Other Brand

    • Similar build quality, sturdy design
    • Limited adjustability compared to Energie
    • Motion may be slightly less smooth
    • Interface might require a learning curve
    • Weight settings may be more limited

Rise to the Challenge: Shoulder Press Success

The Rise to the Challenge Shoulder Press can help you reach new heights in your fitness adventure. Become successful in developing well-defined, powerful shoulders.

Enhance Upper Body Strength

Shoulder presses are a focused exercise that can help you develop strong shoulders and increase the general muscularity of your upper body.

Good For Core

The shoulder press strengthens and stabilizes the body by using the core muscles. Increase the intensity of your workout with this powerful core exercise.

Improve your Posture

Improve your posture with efficient shoulder press workouts. Strengthen and tone your shoulder muscles for better posture and upper body strength.