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Energie Fitness

Luxury Heavy Duty Leg Press- ER-956

Luxury Heavy Duty Leg Press- ER-956

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(L) - 2220
(W) - 1650
(H) - 1350

Weight 275kg

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Best Leg Press Machine in India

Discover the pinnacle of fitness excellence with our top-tier commercial leg press machine, engineered for unparalleled performance. Elevate your gym experience with precision, durability, and unmatched results.

Our Design and Construction

Our leg press machine boasts an ergonomic design that prioritizes user comfort and safety. The adjustable seat and backrest accommodate users of various sizes, ensuring a customized and secure fit during workouts.

3 Layered Powder Coating

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our top-rated Leg Press Machine in India. Crafted for excellence, our Commercial Leg Press Exercise Machine boasts a three-layered powder coating for durability and performance.

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with the ER-956 Leg Press Machine, hailed as the best in India. Engineered for excellence, this commercial-grade equipment boasts 3-layered powder coating, ensuring durability and precision in every leg press exercise.

  • Energie Fitness Leg Press

    • Rust Protective Coating.
    • Rigid & Wobble-Free Structure.
    • Compact Design.
    • 3mm Thigh Oval-Shaped Frame.
    • Easy Installation.
  • Other Brand

    • Not Specified.
    • May have stability issues.
    • Potential motion problems.
    • Bulkier design.
    • Unclear weight capacity.
    • Complex assembly

Amazing Leg Press

Amazing leg press strength! Keep up the great work. Consistency and proper form will help you reach even greater achievements.

Leather Stitched cushioning for extra support

Improve your leg press experience with leather-stitched padding for extra support, delivering comfort and stability throughout your workouts.

Comfortable & Long Term use

To ensure pleasant and long-term usage of a leg press machine, adjust the seat and footplate, maintain perfect form, and gradually increase resistance.

Amazing Quality

Amazing leg press machine with great build and functionality, offering an unrivaled workout experience for strength and muscular growth.