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Luxury Biceps Triceps Exercise Gym Machine -LY-0607

Luxury Biceps Triceps Exercise Gym Machine -LY-0607

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(L) - 960
(W) - 1252
(H) - 1630

Weight 190kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Luxury Biceps Triceps Exercise Gym Machine

Experience top-tier strength training with our commercial-grade Luxury Biceps Triceps Exercise Gym Machine. Engineered for peak performance, this specialized equipment caters to your Biceps and Triceps workouts.

100kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack

Experience unparalleled luxury and efficiency with our commercial Biceps Triceps Exercise Gym Machine in India. Crafted for ultimate performance, this machine features a 100kg pin-loaded weight stack, offering a seamless workout experience for sculpting your biceps and triceps.

Dual to Multi functionality Machine For more effective & Cost-Effective)

Experience the epitome of luxury and effectiveness with our Commercial Biceps Triceps Exercise Gym Machine. Designed for dual-to-multi functionality, it maximizes your workout potential, offering unparalleled effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

LY-0607 Luxury Biceps Triceps Exercise Gym Machine, a commercial-grade marvel designed for India! Elevate your workout with its dual-to-multi functionality, offering cost-effective and efficient training.

  • Energie Fitness LY-0607 Biceps / Triceps

    • Incorporates an ergonomic design for optimal grip to prevent slipping during workouts
    • Utilizes a specialized 3-layered powder coat for enhanced protection against rust, ensuring durability over time
    • Features an adjustable seat with high-quality leather cushioning, providing additional support, especially during heavy workout sessions
    • Offers versatile exercise options, transitioning from dual to multi-functionality, providing a wide range of exercises for a more effective and cost-effective workout experience
  • Other Brand

    • May lack ergonomic considerations, potentially leading to a less secure grip
    • Might have a single-layer or inadequate rust protection, leading to potential corrosion and shorter equipment lifespan
    • Might offer a fixed seat or less comfortable padding, compromising user comfort and support
    • Might lack versatility and limit exercise options, potentially requiring multiple machines for different exercises, leading to higher costs

Ultimate Biceps / Triceps Machine

The Ultimate Biceps/Triceps Machine provides through workouts for all muscle areas, including targeted movements and effective resistance training for the best results.

Leather Covered Cushioning seat

Leather-covered, cushioned seat for biceps / triceps training. Comfort and support throughout workouts to ensure peak performance and muscular development.

Easy To use

Bicep curls using dumbbells or tricep dips on a sturdy surface, such as a chair, are easy to perform. Concentrate on good form and control.

Comfortable & Long Term us

To ensure overall arm strength and stability, emphasis on moderate progression and balanced training of the biceps and triceps.