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Energie Fitness

Luxury Abductor/ Adductor - BMW-1819

Luxury Abductor/ Adductor - BMW-1819

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(L) - 1310
(W) - 1360
(H) - 1510

Weight 260kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Luxury Abductor/ Adductor at Best Price

Elevate your fitness journey with Best quality Abductor/Adductor equipment, designed for optimal performance. Achieve your goals affordably and efficiently with our range of premium Abductor/Adductor machines.

3 Layered Powder Coating

India's Best Price for Commercial Abductor/Adductor Machine! Our 3-layered powder-coated equipment ensures durability. Elevate your fitness journey with the finest commercial Abductor/Adductor machine at best prices in India.

Fully Fashioned Cushioned for comfortable and Long Term

Discover the best-priced, fully cushioned Abductor/Adductor machine best price in India! Elevate your fitness routine with our commercial-grade equipment designed for long-term comfort and performance.

Discover the BMW-1819 Abductor/Adductor – your ultimate choice for the best-priced commercial equipment in India. Fully fashioned, cushioned for comfort and durability, this premium machine ensures a comfortable, long-term workout.

  • Energie Fitness BMW-1819 Abductor/Adductor

    • High Strength Nylon Pulley for durability and lower noise
    • Fully Fashioned Cushion for comfort and long-term use
    • Adjustable Resistance Levels for varied workouts
    • Smooth Movement for enhanced exercise experience
    • Trusted Brand with Positive Reviews
  • Other Brand

    • Steel pulley prone to more noise and less durable.
    • Basic cushioning, less comfortable over time.
    • Limited resistance options.
    • Jerky or uneven movement during workouts.
    • Less established brand, limited reviews and reputation.

Add or Ab, Swiftly Grab

swiftly boost strength with the Best Abductor/Adductor machine, which targets both the inner and outer thighs for a well-rounded lower body workout.

Fully Fashioned Cushion seat

A fully fashioned cushion seat adds comfort to Abductor/Adductor workouts, offering a supportive and pleasurable workout for optimal leg strengthening.

High strength nylon pulley for durability and Lower Noise

The Best Abductor/Adductor machine, equipped with high-strength nylon pulleys for smooth, long-lasting performance, ensures durability and low noise during workouts.

Comfortable & Long Term Use

The best Abductor/Adductor machine ensures comfort and long-term use by offering a supportive and joyful workout experience for optimal leg muscle training.

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As a new gym owner, investing in quality equipment was crucial. Everything is well-designed and built to last, from cardio machines to strength training equipment, and thrilled to be partnering with them.