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Energie Fitness

Latest Commercial Air Bike- EAB-108

Latest Commercial Air Bike- EAB-108

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Size - 1293*592*1229mm
NW/GW - 49kg/55kg
Max User - Weight 180Kg
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Best Commercial Air Bike

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with the best commercial air bike in India, ensuring best quality and performance.

Digital monitors available

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our Best Commercial Air Bikes in India! Featuring top-tier digital monitors and unbeatable quality, elevate your workout experience.

Gym Machine at Best Price in India

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our best-in-class commercial air bikes in India, offering unparalleled quality and performance at unbeatable prices.

Experience top-tier fitness with the EAB-108 Commercial Air Bike - the best choice for ultimate workouts in India. Unbeatable quality meets affordability, ensuring the best prices in the market. Elevate your fitness journey with this premier air bike, designed for excellence

  • Energie Fitness EAB-108 Commercial Air Bike

    • Uses air resistance technology for a full-body workout, adjusting resistance based on user effort.
    • Designed for commercial use, offering durability and sturdiness for heavy-duty gym settings.
    • Offers a comprehensive console for tracking metrics like distance, time, calories burned, etc.
    • Adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate various user heights and preferences.
    • Incorporates fan blades for resistance, providing a cooling effect during intense workouts.

  • Other Band

    • Might rely on magnetic or frictional resistance systems, offering a different feel and control mechanism for resistance.
    • Could vary in build quality and might be more tailored to home use or lighter commercial settings.
    • Features and accuracy of metrics might differ, with fewer or more basic tracking options.
    • Adjustability might vary, potentially catering to a narrower range of body types or sizes.
    • May not have a built-in cooling mechanism, potentially leading to more heat buildup during vigorous sessions.

Ride the Wave of Fitness: Power Up, Pedal On

Discover the best in cardio with our premium air bike, the ideal option for intensive workouts and unrivaled durability.

Digital monitors display

Air bikes with advanced digital monitors. Elevate your fitness experience with unparalleled performance and precision.

Best Quality Pedals Available

Featuring the best quality pedals for a smooth, effective, and durable workout experience.

Adjustable seat for users

Engineered for peak performance, featuring an adjustable seat for personalized comfort.