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Energie Fitness

India's Best Leg press machine- TNT-015

India's Best Leg press machine- TNT-015

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(L) 2065
(W) 1250
(H) 1655
Weight 300kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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India's Best Leg press machine

India's best leg press machine combines durability, ergonomic design, and variable resistance to provide an excellent lower body workout while ensuring users' optimal performance and safety.

100kg Pin Loaded weight stack

India's Best leg press machine has a 100kg pin-loaded weight stack, offering a difficult exercise. This high-quality training equipment allows you to strengthen your legs effectively.

Seat adjustment with comfortable & Durable leather cushions

The best leg press machine in India offers exceptional seat adjustment and comfy, long-lasting leather cushions for an excellent workout experience.

  • Energie Fitness TNT-015 Leg Press

    • Cable covered by nylon for toughness and durability.
    • 3-layered powder-coated rust-free frame.
    • Adjustable seat for personalized comfort.
    • Enhanced durability ensures longevity.
    • Rust-resistant frame for long-term use.
  • Other Brand

    • May have standard cable without added nylon protection.
    • Frame may not be multi-layered or have rust protection.
    • Seat might not be adjustable for different users.
    • Durability features may not be as robust.
    • May lack advanced rust-resistance capabilities.

Amazing Leg Press Machine

A robust lower body workout may be achieved with this efficient and sturdy leg press machine. The Leg Press machine provides both comfort and results.

Leather Cushion Seat

Enjoy the comfort of a leather cushion seat while working out with the effective leg press for a rewarding fitness session.

Comfortable & Long Term use

For comfortable and long-term use, ensure good leg press form, customize the machine settings, and apply adequate resistance.

Outstanding Performance

Exceptional leg press ability, demonstrating tremendous strength and drive in each rep. Absolutely amazing performance in the gym.