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Energie Fitness

India's Best Abductor and Adductor - EMT-1819

India's Best Abductor and Adductor - EMT-1819

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(L) - 873
(W) - 1647
(H) - 1310

Weight 115kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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India's Best Abductor and Adductor

Get the India's Best Abductor and Adductor, made for the best possible results in terms of fitness. With our best abductor and adductor machines, which combine cutting-edge technology and comfort, you can elevate your training. Discover the full potential of India's finest abductor and adductor to guarantee elite performance on your fitness path.

3 Layered Powder Coating

India's Best Abductor and Adductor! Our 3-layered powder-coated equipment ensures durability. Elevate your fitness journey with the finest commercial Abductor/Adductor machine at best prices in India.

Adjustable Seat

Experience the India's Best Abductor and Adductor with an adjustable seat for commercial use. Our top-rated equipment ensures effective workouts.

Explore the India's Best Abductor and Adductor for a well-defined body. With our high-quality abductor and adductor machines, which are revolutionizing the commercial fitness industry, you can enhance your workout experience. Let me introduce you to EMT-1819, the pinnacle of adductor and abductor training.

  • Energie Fitness EMT-1819 Abductor & Adductor

    • We ensure that their machines are durable and capable of withstanding regular and intense use.
    • Our products often boast a wide range of resistance levels and customizable settings.
    • We prioritize ergonomic design to provide users with comfortable.
    • We may incorporate innovative features like smart fitness technology.

  • Other Brand

    • Some other brands may compromise on the build quality of their abductor and adductor machines.
    • Certain brands may offer limited options for adjusting resistance levels.
    • Some competitors may not prioritize ergonomic design, resulting in less comfort.
    • May not offer a three-layered powder coating, potentially making it more susceptible to rust.

Tone and sculpt, Abduct and Adduct

Shape and tone using our Heavy duty Commercial abductor-adductor exercise equipment. Enhance strength as you abduct and adduct for a well-rounded fitness routine.

Strength in Metal

Featuring a robust metal body for lasting performance and strength training versatility.

Unique Design

Explore our abductor and adductor machines, which have a unique design for focused muscle exercises.

Amazing color Combination

Our equipment offers the extraordinary diversity of abductor and adductor Equipment movements, increased by amazing color combinations for a visually appealing and effective workout.