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Energie Fitness

Heavy Duty Prone Leg Curl Machine- EFT-0405

Heavy Duty Prone Leg Curl Machine- EFT-0405

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(L) 1835
(W) 1137
(H) 1310

Weight 130kg
Weight Stack: 100kg

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Heavy Duty Prone Leg Curl Machine

Our Heavy Duty Prone Leg Curl Machine, the best in India, provides exceptional leg training results. Improve your fitness with this commercial Prone Leg Curl Exercise Machine. It's the ideal companion for gaining exceptional leg strength because it's built to last.

Adjustable Seat Comfortable & Durable Leather Cushions

With our Heavy-Duty Prone Leg Curl Machine, you may reach new fitness heights! For maximum comfort, the seat is adjustable, and the leather cushions are durable. This commercial-grade powerhouse is the greatest Prone Leg Curl Machine in India, providing an excellent Prone Leg Curl exercise experience.

3 Layered Powder Coating

Unleash the strength of our Heavy Duty Prone Leg Curl Machine, the pinnacle of leg workout performance. This Commercial Prone Leg Curl Machine is the best in India, with a three-layered powder coating for added durability. This precision-engineered equipment will elevate your fitness journey and provide an unequaled Prone Leg Curl exercise experience.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and durability with the EFT-0405 Prone Leg Curl Machine. Crafted with three-layered powder coating, this commercial-grade equipment in India boasts an adjustable seat and durable leather cushions for unmatched comfort.

  • Energie Fitness EFT-0405 Prone Leg Curl

    • Ergonomic design for secure gripping
    • Resilient coating for anti-rust property
    • Customizable leather seat for support
    • Versatile, multiple exercise options
    • Balanced features for cost-efficient design
  • Other Brand

    • Basic safety measures, potentially less comprehensive.
    • Weight Stack Capacity Not Specified
    • Longevity Dependent on Regular Maintenance and Lubrication
    • May have stability issues with intense workouts.
    • Potential for Jerky or Inconsistent Movement

Amazing Prone Leg Curl Machine

The Prone Leg Curl Machine is a great hamstring workout, delivering stability and isolation for focused muscle building.

Leather Covered cushioning for extra support

Add leather-covered cushioning to the best prone leg curl machine to improve support and comfort during workouts, providing a better exercise experience.

Heavy Duty Frame

The heavy-duty frame of the Best prone leg curl machine assures longevity and stability during strenuous workouts, providing a dependable foundation for leg muscle development.

Comfortable & Long Term use

For comfortable and long-term use of prone leg curl machines, proper alignment,