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Energie Fitness

Heavy Duty Commercial Treadmill for gym -ECT-107

Heavy Duty Commercial Treadmill for gym -ECT-107

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Motor - 4HP (8HP Peak)
Speed - 0.8 - 20 km/h
Elevation - 0 - 20%
Inverter - G-Way Inverter
Display - 21.5inch LED Display With dot matrix
Running Belt - 3520*600*3mm
Dimensions - 2320*1100*670mm
NW/GW - 225kg/355kg
Max User Weight - 200kg
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  • Energie Fitness ECT-107 Treadmill

    • Heavy-duty construction for intense use in gyms.
    • Advanced shock absorption system for reduced impact.
    • Customizable workout programs and training options.
    • Commercial-grade motor for consistent performance.

    Enhanced user interface for intuitive navigation.

  • Other Brand

    • May not withstand heavy, continuous usage
    • Basic shock absorption, higher impact on joints
    • Limited pre-set programs
    • Motor may not be as durable for heavy usage
    • Simplified interface, may lack features

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