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Energie Fitness

Heavy Duty Butterfly Machine -BMW-002

Heavy Duty Butterfly Machine -BMW-002

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(L) - 1196
(W) - 1430
(H) - 1500

Weight 221kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Top Butterfly Machine at Best Price in India

Butterfly Machine in India! Elevate your fitness journey with Best Butterfly Exercise Machine at the best prices. Find the perfect fit for your workout needs and achieve your goals efficiently.

High Strength nylon Pulley for durability and Lower noise

Best Butterfly Machine in India! Our high-quality, high-strength nylon pulley ensures durability and minimal noise.

Best Gym Machine in India

Best Quality Butterfly Machine for your gym! Get the best deals on Butterfly Exercise Machines in India.

BK-002, India's premier Butterfly Exercise Machine offering unparalleled quality and performance. Elevate your workout routine with this top-notch gym equipment, designed for optimal results.

  • Energie Fitness BMW-002 Butterfly

    • Fully Fashioned Cushion for Comfort
    • High Strength Nylon Pulley
    • Lower Noise Operations
    • Adjustability for Individual Users
    • Smooth Range of Motion
  • Other Brand

    • Comparable Comfort Feature
    • Material/Technology for Durability
    • Noise Reduction Mechanism
    • Customizable Features
    • Comparable Motion Range

Amazing Butter Fly Machine

The Amazing Butterfly Machine is a mesmerizing piece of art that mimics the delicate and graceful movements of a butterfly.

Fully Fashioned cushioning seat

The Best Commercial Butterfly machine Fully Fashioned cushioned seat's distinctive form provides both comfort and style, resulting in an elegant seating experience.

High Strength Nylon Pulley

The High Strength Nylon Pulley Butterfly machine design is durable and strong, ensuring consistent performance in a variety of applications.

Heavy Duty Commercial butterfly Machine

A sturdy commercial butterfly machine built for heavy-duty use, providing an intense workout for increased strength and muscle growth.