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Fitness Triceps Press Gym Machine BMW-007

Fitness Triceps Press Gym Machine BMW-007

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(L) - 1363
(W) - 1160
(H) - 1500

Weight 232kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Fitness Triceps Press Gym Machine

Experience top-tier fitness with our Best quality equipment, designed for optimal performance.

Comfortable and Long Term Use

Engineered for comfort and durability, it's your go-to for sculpting triceps. Elevate workouts with precision, all in one machine. Experience the ultimate Triceps Press - your path to superior fitness.

Three Layers Powder Coating

Best Triceps Press Machine! Engineered for peak performance, this three-layer powder-coated marvel ensures durability. Elevate your workout experience with precision and comfort.

Experience superior workouts with our BK-007 Fitness Triceps Press Gym Machine! this machine boasts three layers of durable powder coating for longevity. Achieve your fitness goals efficiently with our best Triceps Press Machine in India,

  • Energie Fitness BMW-007 Triceps Press

    • Comfortable seat and handles for proper form during exercise
    • Three-layer powder coating for increased durability and resistance against wear
    • Smooth and fluid motion for triceps isolation
    • Engages triceps effectively with proper alignment
    • High-quality build ensuring longevity
  • Other Brand

    • Similar ergonomic design ensuring comfort during triceps workout
    • Utilizes specialized coating for long-lasting equipment resilience
    • Focuses on smooth motion to target triceps effectively
    • Emphasizes muscle engagement through correct alignment
    • Emphasizes durability and robust construction for prolonged use