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Energie Fitness

Commercial Incline Chest/ Shoulder Press- ER-03

Commercial Incline Chest/ Shoulder Press- ER-03

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(L) - 1900
(W) - 1500
(H) - 1600

Weight 260kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Commercial Incline Chest/ Shoulder Press

Shop our top-quality Commercial Incline Chest/Shoulder Press for a comprehensive upper body workout. Elevate your fitness routine with this versatile equipment designed for optimal chest and shoulder development.

High Strength steel tube Precision welded

Discover high-strength, precision-welded Commercial Incline Chest/Shoulder Press crafted from robust steel tubing.

100 Kg Pin Loaded weight stack

Experience next-level upper body workouts with our Commercial Incline Chest/Shoulder Press. Designed with a 100kg pin-loaded weight stack, this versatile machine targets chest and shoulder muscles efficiently.

Experience the pinnacle of upper body strength training with our ER-03 Commercial Incline Chest/Shoulder Press. Engineered for precision and performance, this machine is your gateway to sculpting the best pecs and rear delts.

  • Energie Fitness ER-03 Incline Chest/ Shoulder Press

    • Leather Stitched Cushioning: Provides extra support and durability during workouts.
    • 100KG Pin Loaded Weight Stack: Offers a versatile range of resistance for various fitness levels.
    • Internally Lubricated Cables: Ensures smooth and quiet operation, minimizing maintenance needs.
    • Friction-less Movement: Promotes fluid and natural movements, reducing strain on joints.
    • Sturdy Build: Ensures stability and safety during exercises.
  • Other Brand

    • Standard Cushioning: Might lack the extra support of leather-stitched cushioning.
    • Weight Stack Variability: May have a different weight range, potentially lower or higher.
    • Cable Maintenance: Could require more frequent lubrication or maintenance.
    • Friction During Use: Might experience some resistance or friction in movement.
    • Build Quality Variance: Stability and durability might vary compared to Energie Fitness

Elevate Your Strength, Lift Your Limits

Boost Your Influence: Reach New Heights with Shoulder and Chest Inclines. Boost Power, Push Boundaries. Go Above and Beyond to Get the Best Results.

Leather Stitched Cushioning for Extra Support

Improve your exercises with leather-stitched padding for extra stability and support during incline shoulder and chest presses, ensuring comfort and peak performance.

Three Layers Strong: Rust-Free, Powder-Coated Design

Robust and durable gym equipment is guaranteed by the three layers of strength in this rust-free, powder-coated design for inclined chest / shoulder presses.

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment

Heavy Duty Gym Equipment: Incline Chest Press/ Shoulder Press machines provide targeted workouts for upper body strength and development in commercial and home gym settings.