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Energie Fitness

Best Weight Assisted Chin-Dip in India-EFT-008

Best Weight Assisted Chin-Dip in India-EFT-008

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(L) - 1266
(W) - 1470
(H) - 2300

Weight 256kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Best Weight Assisted Chin-Dip at best Price in India

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our commercial-grade Weight Assisted Chin-Dip machine, offering unrivaled quality at the best price in India.

Leather Covered Cushioning For Extra support & comfort during Heavy workout

Discover India's Best commercial Weight Assisted Chin-Dip for robust workouts at the best price! Our equipment features premium leather-covered cushioning, ensuring superior support and comfort during intense exercises.

100kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack

Experience elite fitness with our commercial Weight Assisted Chin-Dip! Featuring a 100kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack, this powerhouse offers unparalleled performance at the best price in India.

EFT-008 Weight Assisted Chin-Dip! Get the best deal in India on this versatile fitness equipment, designed to elevate your strength training.

  • Energie Fitness EFT-008 Weight Assisted Chin-Dip.

    • Leather Covered Cushioning for Extra Support & Comfort during Heavy Workouts
    • 100KG Pin Loaded Weight Stack for Variable Resistance
    • Minimum Resistant Movement Provides Longevity
    • Enhanced Stability and Balance Features
    • Brand Reputation for Quality and Reliability
  • Other Brand

    • Basic cushioning or lack of proper support in the design
    • Limited weight options or lower weight capacity
    • Prone to wear and tear due to higher resistance or lack of smooth movement
    • Potential stability issues during use
    • Uncertainty or lack of established reliability in the brand's products

Chin-Dip: Elevate Your Strength with Every Lift

Improve your strength using Weight Assisted Chin-Dip equipment, enhancing gains with each lift. Enhance your fitness routine effortlessly.

Leather Covered Cushioning for Extra Support

Enhanced comfort and durability with leather-covered cushioning for extra support in our Weight Assisted Chin-Dip equipment. Elevate your workout experience.

Comfortable and Long term use

Built for comfort and long-term usage, the Weight Assisted Chin-Dip machine promotes efficient strength training and sustained improvement.

Luxurious Design

Elevate your exercise space with an elegant and luxurious weight-assisted chin-dip station that perfectly combines functionality and style.