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Best Smith With Functional in india-BX-05A20C

Best Smith With Functional in india-BX-05A20C

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(L) - 2244
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Weight 420kg
Weight Stack 200kg
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This is one of our best strength training machines due to its multifunctional capacity. It is perfect for all fitness levels as it has exercise options starting from basic functional exercises to hardcore strength training workouts like deadlifts for a comprehensive experience. 

Muscle Isolation

BX-05A-20C enables users to carry out targeted muscle isolation training with its diverse options. You can work on your overall fitness with the robust build of this equipment without putting effort into understanding complex mechanisms and switching between different modes.

Bearing Mechanism

It is integrated with commercial-grade bearing mechanisms and pulleys for smooth and gliding motion. It enables users to effectively perform targeted upper body exercises like chest fly and chest press without exerting extra pressure on the muscles.

Corrosion Free

One of the basic features of all our best Smith machines and gym equipment is that they are corrosion-free. We use a cutting-edge electrostatic coating technique and a powder formulation to protect all our equipment from water damage and corrosion.

BX-05A20C Heavy Duty Smith with Functional design, boasting a 3-layer powder coating for durability. Engineered to be the best Smith machine with functionality in India, it combines robust construction with versatile performance, elevating your workout experience.

  • Energie Fitness BX-05A20C Smith With Functional

    • Sturdy construction for safety and durability
    • Offers a range of options for functional and strength training
    • Supports isolated muscle training and body exercises
    • Rust-resistant powder coating for longevity
    • Space-saving design with versatile adjustments

  • Other Brand Smith Machines

    • It has a basic build that does not provide safety or durability
    • Limited options for workout and training
    • It may not support isolated muscle training
    • Equipments get rusted easily and do not last long
    • Acquire a lot of space and do not offer versatility

Ergonomically Designed

BX-05A-20C Smith with functional trainer is carefully designed to provide different workout options. It offers space for both strength training and functional training.

Versatile Attachments

This Smith machine has a set of diverse attachments that help with a full-body workout. Beginning from barbell stands to chin-up bars, there are many ways you can train your body with this equipment.

Safety Locks

Apart from the adjustable attachments and weight stacks, this best Smith machine has proper safety control. It has safety locks that help users to set the weight range according to their needs.

Counterbalanced Setup

The setup is counterbalanced to provide more stability and security to your extreme workouts. It particularly makes training fun for people who are just getting started with fitness.