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Energie Fitness

Best Seated Arm Clip Chest- ER-95 (Pec Fly/Rear Delt)

Best Seated Arm Clip Chest- ER-95 (Pec Fly/Rear Delt)

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(L) - 900
(W) - 700
(H) - 1500

Weight 304kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Best Seated Arm Clip Chest

Discover the ultimate commercial best Seated Arm Clip Chest, engineered for peak performance and unparalleled results.

3 Layered Powder Coated Rust Free Design

Discover the pinnacle of strength training with our commercial-grade Best Seated Arm Clip Chest. Engineered with a 3-layered powder-coated rust-free design, this equipment redefines durability and performance.

Leather Stitched Cushioning For Extra Support

Ultimate commercial Seated Arm Clip Chest. Featuring premium leather-stitched cushioning for exceptional support, our Best Seated Arm Clip Chest ensures unparalleled comfort and durability.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and support with our ER-95 Seated Arm Clip Chest. Designed for commercial use, it features premium leather-stitched cushioning, ensuring unparalleled comfort and durability.

  • Energie Fitness ER-65 Seated Arm Clip Chest

    1. Leather Stitched Cushioning: Provides extra support and durability during workouts.
    2. 3 Layered Powder Coated Rust-Free Frame: Ensures long-lasting use without corrosion.
    3. Internally Lubricated Cables: Promotes smooth movement and reduces maintenance needs.
    4. Friction-less Operation: Offers a seamless exercise experience, reducing wear and tear.
    5. Adjustable Resistance: Allows for customized workout intensity.
  • Other Brand

    • Standard Cushioning: May lack the extra support of leather-stitched cushioning.
    • Single or Double Layer Frame: Might be prone to rust or degradation over time.
    • External Cables: Could require more frequent maintenance due to exposure.
    • Friction during Use: May experience resistance, leading to quicker wear.
    • Limited Resistance Options: Might not offer as much versatility in workout intensity.

Amazing Seated Arm Clip Chest

Amazing Seated arm clip chest is a seated exercise targeting chest muscles. It involves bringing the arms together in a squeezing motion against resistance.

Leather Stitched Cushioning for extra support

Enhance comfort with leather-stitched cushioning, providing extra support for seated arm clip chest exercises.

3 layered powder coated rust free design

A three-layered powder-coated design ensures rust resistance for the Best seated arm clip chest, guaranteeing durability and longevity in any environment.

Comfortable & Long Term Use

A seated arm clip chest designed for comfortable and long-term use, providing ergonomic support and convenience for extended periods of sitting.