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Best Quality Upper Limbs Machine - TNT-008

Best Quality Upper Limbs Machine - TNT-008

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(L) - 1300
(W) - 1380
(H) - 2330

Weight 275kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Best Quality Upper limbs Machine

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our best-in-class upper limb machines in India. Engineered for commercial use, our high-quality equipment ensures top-notch performance.

3 Layered Powder Coating

Discover India's finest upper limbs machine with 3-layered powder coating for commercial use. Engineered for durability and precision, this top-tier equipment ensures the best quality workouts.

Cable covered by nylon for Toughness and durability

Discover the pinnacle of upper limb fitness with our best-in-class machines in India. Engineered for commercial use, these top-quality machines feature nylon-covered cables for unparalleled toughness and durability.

TNT-008 Upper Limbs Machine – a top choice in India! Engineered for durability, its nylon-covered cables ensure toughness. Perfect for commercial use, this machine is designed to target upper limb strength. Elevate your fitness routine with the best in class for optimal results.

  • Energie Fitness TNT-008 Upper Limbs

    • Cable Covered by Nylon for Toughness and Durability.
    • 3-Layered Powder Coated Rust-Free Frame.
    • Premium Quality Materials for Cable Durability.
    • Robust Frame Construction.
    • Enhanced Durability for Long-Term Use.
  • Other Brand

    Unclear Cable Material for Durability.

    Frame Coating Details Not Specified.

    Material Quality Not Clearly Stated.

    Frame Strength Not Specifically Highlighted.

    Durability and Longevity Features Not Clear.

Empower Your Reach: Upper Limbs Machine

Buy our innovative Upper Limbs Machine to increase your reach. Enhance your fitness journey with precision and effectiveness.

Best Cushion Seat

Experience ultimate comfort and support during your upper limbs workout with our machine featuring a premium cushioned seat for added comfort.

Comfortable & Long Term Use

With our machine intended for both long-term usage and user comfort, you may get the ultimate in comfort and durability during your upper limb workout.

Outstanding Performance

Revolutionizing Best upper limbs machine performance with unparalleled innovation and precision, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.