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Energie Fitness

Best Multi Functional Trainer & Smith Machine - ETB-90

Best Multi Functional Trainer & Smith Machine - ETB-90

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(L) 2670
(W) 1800
(H) 2650

Weight 600 kg
Weight Stack 200kg
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Complete Fitness

Our best multi functional trainer with Smith machine allows users to practice complete fitness with just one equipment. It caters to the needs of all users' fitness needs and supports the body during targeted muscle-building, functional training, and isolation workouts without any hassle.

Better Outcome

It enhances the overall outcome of workouts with custom resistance and weight stack adjustments. This gym machine effortlessly helps to fit in your custom routine, allowing you to indulge in exercises like bench presses, squats, deadlift exercises, pec fly rear delts, and more.

Beginner Friendly

Energie Fitness range has a varied collection of equipment that are tailored to fit the needs of different fitness levels starting from beginner to advanced training levels. It has beginner-friendly working and safety control to elevate the overall exercise experience by making it convenient and secure.

Space Efficiency

The compact and modern design of our multi-functional machine helps to save space in gyms with limited area. It also reduces the need to maintain different equipment as it merges the benefits of two traditional training setups. Moreover, it can accommodate multiple users with personalized adjustments.

  • Energie Fitness Functional Trainer & Smith Machine

    • Heavy-duty build for consistent commercial use
    • Multifunctional comfort with personalization options¬†
    • 3 layer coating for rust- resistance and longevity¬†
    • Reinforced nylon pulley cables for user safety
    • Low maintenance model with installation services¬†
  • Other Brand Functional Trainer & Smith Machine

    • Average build quality not ideal for commercial use
    • Basic functions that lack personalization options¬†
    • They are prone to corrosion and do not last long
    • Fragile pulley that cannot withstand pressure¬†
    • High maintenance products without installation benefits

Adjustable Height

ETB-90 best multi functional trainer is designed for a commercial space which is why it has adjustable height features. Every individual can custom set the height as per their fitness routine.

Strong Cables

The one thing that Smith machines and gym equipment require in general is reliable fittings. Taking this into account we use good quality nylon cables that can bear the strain of weight training.

Dual Training Option

Energie Fitness multi functional trainer and Smith machine provide dual training options. Whether you want to focus on functional training or build muscles, it offers the best of both-in-one equipment.

Space Efficient Model

As this gym machine brings the benefits of two pieces of equipment in one it helps to save space. It also has an expert-crafted design that reduces the footprint and helps to optimize space with ease.