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Energie Fitness

Best Multi-Adjustable Bench-MB-02

Best Multi-Adjustable Bench-MB-02

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Dimension - 1730*1005*1030mm
Net Weight - 25Kg
User Weight - 140kg
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Made for Home Gym

Unlike the commercial gym benches, the MB-02 Multi Adjustable Bench is perfect for a home gym. This user-friendly equipment helps you to train at your convenience without any guidance or need to understand complex gym setups.

Better Pressure Threshold

This premium-grade product has a high-pressure threshold to support your high-intensity workouts. It has been engineered to bear the pressure of your body during a workout. The strong back support reduces muscle injuries during weight training.

Fit in a Small Space

This adjustable bench for the gym at home helps to save space. You can easily store it in any corner of your house post-workout because it is compact. Unlike multi-stations, it only takes a small space in your home gym to fit this equipment.

Experience unparalleled versatility with the MB-02, the best multi-adjustable bench in India. Crafted for fitness enthusiasts, it offers superior adjustability, robust design, and maximum comfort. Elevate your workout routine with this top-tier fitness essential, ensuring optimal support for a variety of exercises.

  • Energie Fitness MB-02 Multi-Adjustable Bench

    • Offers Leg Curl functionality.
    • Includes Leg Extension feature.
    • Suitable for Flat Bench Press.
    • Adjustable for Incline Bench Press.
    • Supports Decline Bench Press.
  • Other Brand

    • May or may not have Leg Curl option.
    • Presence of Leg Extension may vary.
    • Competing brand may or may not offer.
    • Incline Bench Press availability.
    • Availability of Decline feature.

Convertible Multi Adjustable Bench

You can elevate your overall fitness with this convertible and adjustable bench. It has many angle and incline/decline adjustment alternatives for exercising.

Superior Built

It is made of sturdy, high-grade steel. The strong metal makes it superior in quality and more durable as compared to other commercial gym benches.

Comfortable Backrest

It has a backrest made of foam that reduces the impact of jerks. The padded back provides comfort for high-impact exercises involving free weights.

Best for Different Workouts

This adjustable bench for the gym caters to varying exercise and body-training needs. You can work on every target muscle with this transformable equipment.