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Energie Fitness

Best Lower Back & Abdominal Machine in India- LY-0910

Best Lower Back & Abdominal Machine in India- LY-0910

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(L) - 990
(W) - 1145
(H) - 1630

Weight 170kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Best Lower Back & Abdominal Machine in India

Discover the pinnacle of commercial lower back and abdominal machines in India. Our superior equipment delivers unmatched performance, ensuring a holistic workout experience.

3 layered Powder Coated For extra Protection from Rusting

Discover the pinnacle of fitness equipment with our commercial Lower Back & Abdominal Machine in India. Crafted with 3-layered powder coating for ultimate rust protection, experience unparalleled quality and performance.

Adjustable Seat With Leather Cushioning for extra support during heavy Workout session

Our superior Lower Back & Abdominal Machine features an adjustable seat with luxurious leather cushioning, ensuring optimal support during intense workouts.

LY-0910: India's premier commercial lower back & abdominal machine. Engineered for excellence, it's the pinnacle in strengthening core muscles. With superior design and unmatched performance, it's your ultimate solution for achieving fitness goals.

  • Energie Fitness LY-0910 Lower Back & Abdominal Machine

    • Optimal Hand Positioning for Non-Slip Grip
    • 3-Layered Powder Coating prevents Rusting
    • Adjustable Seat with Leather Cushioning for Extra Support
    • Dual to Multi-Functionality Machine for Versatility
    • Cost-Effective & Effective Workouts
  • Other Brand

    • Hand placement lacks guidance for secure grip
    • Single or insufficient layers of coating, prone to rust
    • Fixed or less supportive seat cushioning
    • Limited functionality and exercise options
    • Potentially less cost-effective with fewer features

Ultimate Lower Back & Abdominal Machine

The Ultimate Lower Back & Abdominal Machine targets both lower back and abdominal muscles effectively for a comprehensive core workout.

Leather covered Cushioning Seat

Leather-upholstered cushioned seat with lower back and abdominal support provides comfort and stability in seated positions.

Adjustable seat

Adjustable seat for optimum lower back and abdominal support, promoting comfort and postural alignment during long durations of sitting.

Comfortable & Long Term use

For long-term, comfortable lower back and abdominal support, emphasize ergonomic seats with lumbar support and engage in core-strengthening activities.