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Energie Fitness

Best Leg/ Calf Press Machine- ES-017

Best Leg/ Calf Press Machine- ES-017

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(L) - 2050
(W) - 1070
(H) - 1680

Weight 267kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Best Leg/ Calf Press Machine

Discover the pinnacle of luxury fitness with our commercial Leg/Calf Press Machine, redefining excellence in India.

Minimum Resistant Movement Provides Longevity

Discover the pinnacle of luxury and durability in commercial leg/calf press machines in India. Our premium selection ensures minimal resistance movement for longevity.

Enclosed Weight for safety & Security

Discover the pinnacle of luxury and safety with our commercial-grade Enclosed Weight Leg/Calf Press Machine in India. Engineered for excellence, experience the ultimate in leg training comfort and security.

Discover the pinnacle of luxury in leg and calf press machines with ES-017! Elevate your fitness experience with our commercial-grade, enclosed-weight system ensuring unparalleled safety and security.

  • Energie Fitness ES-017 Leg/ Calf Press Machine

    • Leather-covered cushioning for extra support and comfort during heavy workouts
    • 100KG pin-loaded weight stack
    • Minimum resistance movement provides longevity
    • Specific focus on comfort during heavy workouts
    • Designed for longevity in heavy usage
  • Other Brand

    • May or may not offer leather-covered cushioning
    • Weight stack capacity might vary
    • Details about resistance movement longevity are unclear
    • Comfort features might differ
    • Durability aspects not specified

Ultimate Leg/ Calf Press

Ultimate Leg/Calf Press: Increase lower-body strength with precision. Experience the pinnacle of leg and calf pressing for unrivalled results.