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Best Lateral Raise Machine- EFT-0204

Best Lateral Raise Machine- EFT-0204

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(L): 1955mm
(W): 1355mm
(H): 1295mm

Weight: 152kg
Weight Stack: 100kg
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Best Shoulder Press Machine

Discover professional-grade Best Shoulder Press Machine in India! Elevate your fitness routine with our commercial-grade equipment, tailored for optimal shoulder workouts.

High Strength steel tube Precision welded

Discover high-strength, precision-welded Commercial Shoulder Press crafted from robust steel tubing.

Enclosed Weight for safety & security

Discover India's premier Enclosed Weight Shoulder Press Machine, engineered for safety and security. Ideal for commercial use, this state-of-the-art equipment ensures a focused and effective shoulder workout.

Discover the EFT-0204 Shoulder Press, your ultimate fitness companion. Achieve peak performance with this top-tier equipment, now available at the best prices in India. Elevate your workout routine and experience unparalleled results with our exclusive offers.

  • Energie Fitness EFT-0204 Shoulder Press

    • Uses a linear bearing system for smooth motion
    • Adjustable seat and backrest for customization
    • Integrated weight stack for resistance adjustment
    • Padded and ergonomic seat for comfort
    • Digital display for tracking reps and sets
  • Other Brand

    • Utilizes a cable pulley system for resistance
    • Fixed seat and backrest positions
    • Plate-loaded design for weight customization
    • Minimalistic seat design
    • Analog display for basic tracking

Amazing Lateral Raise Machine

The Amazing Lateral Raise Machine is intended to target the lateral deltoid muscles, increasing shoulder development and strength through lateral raises.

Leather Covered cushioning for extra support

Leather-covered cushioning adds support to lateral rises, improving shoulder and arm comfort and stability through the exercise.

Heavy Duty Frame

A heavy-duty frame provides stability and durability to lateral raise movements, assuring safety and support during the shoulder-targeting workout.

Comfortable & Long Term use

To minimize injury when performing lateral raises, maintain proper form, use suitable weights, avoid undue strain, and prioritize progressive progression.