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Energie Fitness

Best Flat Bench in India-BX-036

Best Flat Bench in India-BX-036

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(L) - 1449
(W) - 637
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Weight 24kg
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Best Flat Bench in India

Discover the pinnacle of workout comfort and stability with our Best Flat Bench in India. Crafted for excellence, it offers unparalleled support, durability, and versatility, empowering your fitness journey.

Perfect Blend of Aesthetics Comfort & Functionality

Discover the ultimate in fitness comfort and functionality with the Best Flat Bench in India. A perfect fusion of aesthetics and performance, our bench ensures an optimal workout experience.

Chemically Treated Hardened Material for Longevity

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our Best Flat Bench in India, meticulously crafted from chemically treated hardened materials for unparalleled longevity. Elevate your workouts with supreme durability and comfort.

Discover the BX-036, India's ultimate flat bench, designed for top-notch workouts. Engineered for stability and comfort, the BX-036 stands as the best flat bench, elevating your fitness routine. Experience unparalleled support and strength training with this exceptional fitness gear.

  • Energie Fitness BX-036 Flat Bench

    • Chemically Treated Hardened Material for Longevity.
    • Perfect blend of aesthetics, Comfort & Functionality.
    • 3mm Thick Oval Tubes for Greater Support.
    • Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Usage.
    • Multi-layered Padding for Enhanced Comfort.
  • Other Brand

    • Material Quality: Not Specified.
    • Limited Focus on Aesthetics, Varies in Comfort.
    • Tube Thickness Not Specified.
    • Basic Design Features.
    • Single or Basic Padding.