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Best Commercial Treadmill in india-ECT-101

Best Commercial Treadmill in india-ECT-101

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Motor - 4HP (8HP Peak)
Speed - 1 - 22 km/h
Elevation - 0 - 18%
Display - LED Monitor with 99 pre-set profiles
Running Belt - 600*1620 mm
Dimensions - 1425*2170*860mm
NW/GW - 200kg/230kg
Max User Weight - 200kg
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Best Commercial Treadmill in India

Explore top-rated commercial treadmills with the Best Commercial Treadmill in India, perfect for fitness enthusiasts. Find your ultimate workout companion

Ultra-wide Deck Available

Best Commercial Treadmill in India: Ultra-wide Decks, Best Prices – Elevate Your Fitness Journey Today

Best Running surface available

Best Commercial Treadmill in India running surfaces for the best prices in India: Unbeatable quality for your fitness goals.

Experience peak performance with the ECT-101, the best commercial treadmill in India. Unrivaled quality meets unbeatable prices, elevating your fitness journey. Discover excellence in every stride and embrace top-tier technology at the best prices available in India

  • Energie Fitness ECT-101 Treadmill

    • Heavy-Duty Construction: Designed for continuous use in high-traffic gyms.
    • Advanced Shock Absorption: Superior cushioning to reduce impact on joints.
    • Commercial-Grade Motor: High-powered motor for consistent performance.
    • Larger Running Surface: Provides ample space for a comfortable stride.
    • Enhanced Durability: Built with robust materials for long-term reliability.
  • Other Brand

    • Generally designed for home use, may not withstand continuous heavy traffic.
    • Standard cushioning, might not offer as much support during intense workouts.
    • Motor might be less powerful and may not handle heavy use as well.
    • Smaller running surface, suitable for individual use.
    • Durability may vary, not always suited for continuous heavy use.

Ultimate Commercial Treadmill

Our Ultimate Commercial Treadmill delivers unsurpassed performance. Designed to provide long-lasting, efficient, and effective exercises.

Best Quality Display available

Our top-tier treadmill's cutting-edge display delivers crystal-clear graphics, boosting your workout with exceptional quality and bright imagery.

Best Running Surface

The perfect running surface varies. Treadmills provide regulated settings that reduce impact. Choose according to comfort, joint health, and personal preference.

Other Functions 2.0 Hi-Fi speakers, with Mp3 and
USB connector

Improve your workout with the Other Functions 2.0 Hi-Fi speakers! While running on your treadmill, you can listen to music and connect to your computer via USB.