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Energie Fitness

Best Chin Dip Exercise Machine- ES-034

Best Chin Dip Exercise Machine- ES-034

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(L) - 1250
(W) - 1000
(H) - 2270

Weight 272kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Best Chin Dip Exercise Machine

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our top-rated commercial Chin Dip Exercise Machine. Engineered for excellence, this premium equipment ensures optimal workouts, maximizing strength and toning.

100 Kg Pin Loaded Weight Stack

Experience the pinnacle of fitness with our commercial Chin Dip Exercise Machine! Boasting a 100kg pin-loaded weight stack, it's the best in its class.

Minimum Resistant Movement Provides Longevity

Discover unparalleled durability and performance in our commercial-grade Chin Dip Exercise Machine. Engineered for longevity with minimal resistance movement, it's the ultimate choice for superior workouts.

Experience ultimate fitness with our ES-034 Commercial Chin Dip Exercise Machine! Engineered for longevity, it offers minimum resistance movement for maximum results. Elevate your workouts with the best-in-class Chin Dip Exercise Machine designed for peak performance.

  • Energie Fitness ES-034 Chin Dip Machine

    • Leather Covered Cushioning for Extra Support & Comfort during heavy workouts.
    • 100KG Pin Loaded Weight Stack ensures progressive resistance.
    • Minimal Resistant Movement for Longevity.
    • Ergonomic design for comfortable and effective workouts.
    • Sturdy construction for durability.
  • Other Brand

    • Basic cushioning without leather covering.
    • Weight stack specification may vary or not clearly stated.
    • Resistant movement may not guarantee longevity.
    • Limited ergonomic features.
    • Durability might be a concern.