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Energie Fitness

Best Adductor Machine in India LD-822

Best Adductor Machine in India LD-822

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(L) - 1532
(W) - 793
(H) - 1653

Weight 215kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Best Adductor Machine in India

Discover the pinnacle of fitness with our Commercial Adductor Machine, featuring a 3-layered powder-coated rust-free design. Unrivaled in India, our Best Adductor Machine combines precision engineering and durability for optimal performance.

3 Layered Powder Coated Rust Free Design

Commercial Adductor Machine! Featuring a three-layered powder-coated, rust-free design, it's the epitome of quality and durability. Unleash the best in fitness with our top-rated adductor machine, meticulously crafted for excellence.

High Strength Steel Tube Precision Longevity

Discover the pinnacle of precision and durability with our Commercial Adductor Machine in India. Crafted from high-strength steel for longevity, it's the ultimate choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Discover the LD-822, India's top Commercial Adductor Machine crafted from high-strength steel for precision and longevity. Engineered as the best in its class, this machine ensures optimal adductor workouts.

  • Energie Fitness LD-822 Adductor

    • Cable covered by nylon for toughness and durability.
    • 3-layered powder-coated rust-free frame.
    • Adjustable seat for customized use.
    • High-strength steel tube for precision and longevity.
    • Brand emphasizes durability and toughness.
  • Other Brand

    • Not specified.
    • Standard coating, potential for rust.
    • Fixed seat, limiting adaptability.
    • Material specifics unclear.
    • Durability not explicitly highlighted.