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Energie Fitness

Best Ab Glider Machine-EABG-112

Best Ab Glider Machine-EABG-112

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Display - Digital Displays
Weight - 19.5 Kg
User Weight - 150 Kg
Function - Ab Rotation
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Best Ab Glider Machine

Discover the ultimate core sculptor with the best Ab Glider Machine in India. Elevate your fitness routine with precision-engineered technology, providing a seamless glide for targeted ab workouts.

Better abs rotation

Unlock sculpted abs with the best Ab Glider Machine in India, delivering superior rotation for targeted core engagement. Elevate your fitness journey with this cutting-edge equipment, designed to optimize abdominal workouts.

Engages more muscle for a better AB workout

Discover the ultimate Ab Glider Machine, meticulously designed to engage more muscles for an unparalleled abdominal workout. Elevate your fitness journey with the best Ab Glider Machine in India, delivering superior results and sculpting your core like never before.

Experience unparalleled core sculpting with the EABG-112, the best ab glider machine in India. Effortlessly target and tone your abs with this state-of-the-art fitness companion. Elevate your fitness journey and achieve your goals with precision and style. Embrace the best in ab workout technology for transformative results.

  • Energie Fitness EABG-112 Ab Glider

    • Better Abs Rotation.
    • Unique Design.
    • Adjustable Sturdy Frame.
    • Rolling Wheel.
    • Comfortable Padding.
  • Other Brand

    • Standard Abs Rotation.
    • Conventional Design.
    • Limited Frame Adjustability.
    • Fixed Base.
    • Basic Padding.