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Best Ab Coaster Exercise Machine-AB-50

Best Ab Coaster Exercise Machine-AB-50

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Dimension - 1300*1110*1560mm
Weight - 54kg
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Free-Style Motion

Energie Fitness's best ab coaster has a free-style motion range for an effective Abs workout. It increases the range of targeted exercises for the upper body. In other words, it eases the process of getting abs without lifting heavy weights.

Unique Design

The unique design of this ab machine makes training interesting. Unlike other traditional designs of ab workout machines, this one is more user-centric and comfortable. It adds an aesthetic touch to the gym setup. 

Superb Stability

AB-50 core training equipment has superb stability with an expertly stabilized build. Alongside its sturdy frame and motion balance technology, this equipment has rubber foot caps to stay on the floor without moving or wobbling during intensive workouts.

Broader Weight Capacity

Lastly, this ab coaster has a broader weight-holding capacity. This makes the equipment suitable for people with different weight ranges and exercise needs. It distributes the weight evenly throughout the frame for enhanced motion.

Discover the AB-50 Ab Coaster for the ultimate core workout! Get the best prices in India on this incredible machine. Elevate your fitness routine with the best Ab Coaster price in India.

  • Energie Fitness AB-50 AB Coaster

    • Unique design for better outcomes and stability
    • Offers a wide range of multidirectional motion
    • Equally distributes the weight for stability
    • Curved and padded seating and handles for comfort
    • Targets the core muscles and upper body alike
  • Other Brand AB Coaster

    • Basic designs that lack stability and innovation
    • Has a smaller range of motion for exercises
    • Is not precision crafted to distribute weight
    • Has hard and discomfort handles or seating
    • May not provide an effective outcome

Super-Quiet Operation

AB-50 AB Coaster has imported bearing fittings for super quiet operation. It has lower friction and proper lubrication to avoid squeaky movement.

Foam Support

The equipment has comfortable support handles and foam padding to make training easy. It allows users to work out for longer durations.

Easy Maintenance

The simple mechanism of our luxury ab coaster exercise machine makes it easy to maintain. It can be easily cleaned for longevity.

Better Grip

The hand grips have a foam coating to facilitate intense training sessions. The users can train without pain or losing their grip on the handles.