Hexa Dumbbell

Round and hexa dumbbell are truly the fitness staples for any fitness freaks. You can always gear up for a quick workout with handy dumbbells for weight training. When it comes to strength training and chest workouts hexagonal dumbbells have more pros than round weight training dumbbells.

Energie Fitness has a variety of weights for weight training exercises but hexagonal dumbbells are popular among fitness lovers. These are made with high quality material and special grip features that make them non-slip. Unlike the round dumbbells, the hexagonal dumbbells do not roll or slip away.

The unique construction of this exercise accessory makes it versatile like a multi use exercise machine. Many customers and commercial gyms invest in this kind of fitness product because it helps with different workout styles. It not only helps to expand the bicep and triceps but is also good for chest workouts. 

You can easily use them to perform push ups or renegade rows on the floor without the risk of injuring yourself. The best commercial gym equipment collection curated by has the finest quality of fitness supplies. As a leading supplier of fitness supplies in India, we make sure that all products in our range pass through the quality check.

Moreover, we have a lot of different options in sizes and models for the exercise equipment available in our store. For instance, the hex dumbbells are available in weights ranging from 2.5 Kg to 50 Kg. So, you can add fitness accessories of your choice along with your running treadmill for home.

Buy your dumbbell sets from the website and get amazing price deals with quality on every purchase. For more queries on commercial gym setups across India connect with us via mail at info@energiefitness.in