Cross Trainers

When it comes to a good inside cardio session nothing can beat cross trainers. It is a new age fitness equipment innovation that allows users to effectively maintain a fit lifestyle without going to a gym or walking for miles. In simple words, it replicates the walking or running motion in stationary gym equipment. 

Comparable to a commercial exercise bike, a cross trainer also supports carrying out a low impact cardio workout. The Energie Fitness Range of cross training equipment makes working out more convenient with an intelligent design. Our selection of commercial gym equipment for sale blends innovation with comfort and performance. 

We tried to be as inclusive as possible.  That's why our product catalog has a couple of options to choose from. We deal in magnetic elliptical trainers, total body motion trainers, elliptical cross trainers, and the best treadmill for home gym. In addition to the many options, we offer quality and durability.

All the commercial fitness gear listed on our website are of top-notch quality. The products are duly tested and certified by ISO. To get import quality we source products from the best manufacturers and quality check them before putting them up for sale.  These equipment come with an industrial finish which makes them fit for both commercial use and home gyms.

In totality, we provide durability and accountability for the products. As a leading supplier of fitness products in India, we offer the best prices and deals. Energie Fitness being a brand dedicated to fitness products also has numerous gym fittings in store.

For anyone who dreams of setting up a commercial gym, can find every equipment they want in our one-stop shop. We will support your journey to make fitness a trend. That too with the best products available in the market.