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Premium Wide Chest Press Machine-MWH-005

Premium Wide Chest Press Machine-MWH-005

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(L) - 1980
(W) - 1060
(H) - 1785

Weight 150kg
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Premium Wide Chest Press Machine

Experience unparalleled strength training with our Premium Wide Chest Press Machine. Specifically designed for commercial use in India, this top-of-the-line equipment ensures a comprehensive workout, targeting chest muscles effectively.

Easy installation

Experience premium-grade fitness with our Commercial Wide Chest Press Machine in India. Easy installation ensures quick setup, offering superior quality and performance.

Rust Protective Coating, Rigid & Wobble Free Structure

Experience unparalleled strength training with our premium Wide Chest Press Machine. Crafted with rust-protective coating, its rigid, wobble-free structure ensures stability.

Experience the pinnacle of strength training with our MWH-005 Premium Wide Chest Press Machine, crafted for commercial use in India. Elevate your fitness regimen with precision engineering, superior quality, and ergonomic design, redefining your chest workouts for unparalleled results.

  • Energie Fitness MWH-005 Wide Chest Press

    • Rust Protective Coating.
    • Rigid & Wobble-Free Structure.
    • Smooth, Problem-Free Movement.
    • Compact Design for Small Spaces.
    • Easy Installation.
  • Other Brand

    • May lack adequate rust protection.
    • Possible structural instability.
    • Potential for friction or resistance during use.
    • Larger footprint, less space-efficient.
    • Complex or challenging assembly process.

Expand Your Strength, Embrace the Press

Commercial Wide Chest Press allows you to reach your best potential, fortifying your upper body and embracing power with each press. Energize your adventure.

Dense & Comfortable Leather Cushioning

Our dense and comfy leather cushioning provides the utmost comfort and support during your wide chest push.

Compact Design

A sleek and efficient wide chest press machine that maximizes space while providing powerful training.

Easy Installation

The Wide Chest Press's easy construction assures a speedy setup, making your exercise program more manageable and convenient.