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Energie Fitness

Imported Biceps/ Triceps Machine at Best Price- LD-840

Imported Biceps/ Triceps Machine at Best Price- LD-840

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Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine

Discover top-notch commercial Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machines in India! Elevate your fitness routine with specialized equipment designed for optimal biceps and triceps workouts.

100 Kg Pin Loaded weight stack

Unlock next-level strength with our premium 100kg pin-loaded Best Biceps Curl/Triceps Extension. Elevate your commercial fitness space with robust, high-performance equipment designed for maximum gains.

Dual to Multi functionality Machine For more effective & Cost-Effective

Experience the epitome of luxury and effectiveness with our Commercial Biceps Triceps Exercise Gym Machine. Designed for dual-to-multi functionality, it maximizes your workout potential, offering unparalleled effectiveness and cost-efficiency.

LD-840 India's top commercial Biceps/Triceps Exercise Machine. Featuring internally lubricated 6MM cables and nylon pulleys, this premium machine ensures smooth workouts.

  • Energie Fitness Biceps/ Triceps Machine

    • Incorporates an ergonomic design for optimal grip to prevent slipping during workouts
    • Utilizes a specialized 3-layered powder coat for enhanced protection against rust, ensuring durability over time
    • Leather Covered Cushioning for Extra Support & Comfort during heavy workouts
    • Features an adjustable seat with high-quality leather cushioning, providing additional support, especially during heavy workout sessions
  • Other Brand

    • May lack ergonomic considerations, potentially leading to a less secure grip
    • Might have a single-layer or inadequate rust protection, leading to potential corrosion and shorter equipment lifespan
    • Might offer a fixed seat or less comfortable padding, compromising user comfort and support
    • Might lack versatility and limit exercise options, potentially requiring multiple machines for different exercises, leading to higher costs