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Energie Fitness

Imported Ab Workout Machine (Abdominal Machine) - BMW-010

Imported Ab Workout Machine (Abdominal Machine) - BMW-010

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(L) - 1400
(W) - 1190
(H) - 1500

Weight 230kg
Weight Stack 100kg
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Best Ab Workout Machines at Best Price

Imported, top-quality Ab Workout Machines in India at unbeatable prices! Elevate your fitness routine with the best-in-class Gym equipment designed to sculpt your abs

Three Layer Powder Coating

Explore our exclusive range of top-quality Ab Workout Machines ( Abdominal Machine) at unbeatable prices in India. With premium imported options and a three-layer powder coating for durability, find the perfect fit for your fitness goals.

Comfortable and Long Term use

Best Quality imported Ab Workout Machine in India at unbeatable prices! Our range ensures comfort and durability for long-term use.

Best quality imported Ab Workout Machines at the best prices in India with BMW-010. Engineered for comfort and long-term use, our range offers the finest selection to supercharge your fitness journey. Find your perfect Ab Workout Machine and achieve your goals effortlessly.

  • Energie Fitness BMW-010 Abdominal Machine

    • Comfortable seat and ergonomic design
    • Three-layer powder coating for durability
    • Customizable resistance levels
    • Smooth and quiet operation
    • Effective for targeting core muscles
  • Other Brand

    • Seat comfort might vary
    • Coating quality may differ
    • Limited or preset resistance options
    • Noise level could be higher
    • May have varying effectiveness

Core Strong, Dreams Long

The Commercial Abdominal Machine will help you build a core strong enough to last a lifetime, providing the foundation for long-term fitness success.

Fully fashioned cushion seat available

Experience comfort during your Abdominal Machine workout with a fully fashioned cushion seat, providing support for effective abdominal strengthening exercises.

Durable design

The best Abdominal Machine has a sturdy design that ensures longevity and reliability for efficient abdominal workouts, allowing you to attain your fitness goals.

Smooth Exercise

The best Abdominal Machine is designed to provide an appealing exercise experience by allowing for seamless movements and effective abdominal muscle engagement. Strengthen your core effortlessly.